On December 31, I purchased a hot water tank from Mr. Dante (Sears Installation Rep) through the Sears internet department. I was told the cost for the tank was $477.00 and the installation cost would be $219.00 . He explained that if I did not have a platform there would be an additional cost of 70. I told him I did have a platform and therefore, there should be no additional cost. The agreed upon installed price for the tank was $696, with taxes, $730. On January 3rd, the plumbers came out to install the hot water tank and informed me that there would be an additional cost of $585 in addition the 219 I had already paid. In another words, the installation cost jumped from $219 to $804. Well as you can imagine, I was shocked. This installation just jumped 300%. The plumber said he had to comply with plumbing codes and install two vibration tubes. Now if you have not seen these tubes, there about 6 " long and are attached to the water control valves. The two tubes run about $30 and are easy to install. Because I had already removed the old hot water tank, the two plumbers were able to install the tank in less than one hour. Sure enough, Sears billed me twice, once for the $730 (Tank and agreed upon install) and another charge for $585 additional install. The total cost for my new hot water tank was not the originally agreed upon amount of $730, it was $1,315.

My frustration is that I feel I have been scammed. If I had known at the time I placed the order that the cost was going to be $1,315 and not the $730 agreed upon, I would not have made the purchase. Most plumbers in this area charge about $800 for a new tank to include installation. However, I did not find out till several days later that I would be charged an additional 300% installation fee. My problem is that when I found out of the revised price, I had already been without the hot water tank for three days. If I had cancelled the order, I would have had to wait another three days to get a tank installed. This was a classic "bait and switch". But even as the plumber was telling me there would be an additional cost, I thought there was no way Sears would approve this outrageous increase in cost; It was just to absurd. But apparently you did and my card was billed the additional $585.

The sad part about this experience is that during the 40 years I have been a loyal Sears Customer, I've always believed that you looked out for the interest of your customers. However, in this case, you certainly did not look out for my interest. There is no way you could not have known that the installation price you originally charged was grossly inaccurate. It would be interesting to know how many of your tanks have been installed at $219? I suspect that number would be close to zero. If that's true, than my experience really is a bait and switch scam

By the way, I tried unsuccessfully in getting this resolved through Sears Installation Solutions. Although they apparently receive a lot of training on apologizing, they are not very good at producing honest and fair solutions. Maybe you should use some of that training money on doing the right thing for your customers.

I would also like to point out that the installer indicated that Sears does this all the time.

John Morrison

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Trabuco Canyon, California, United States #1069250

Same thing with my water heater. $280 installation charge quoted and paid during the purchase over the phone.

The plumber showed up and wanted an additional $248. AVOID SEARS!!!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #767501

I'm waiting for a promised installation of Sears gas hotwater heater. The on-line ad said if I called and ordered one before noon (I called at 10:30AM) Sears would deliver and install the waterheater by 7PM, same day as order is placed.

It is now 7PM and no Blue Crew with heater has arrived. Since it was snowing (5 inches) this morning, I was told that the weather may delay installation until tomorrow. I was also told I would be called by Blue Crew tech whether or not they could install same day as ad promises. I can understand that the weather could have delayed installation until tomorrow morning, but I received no call as yet.

I doubt if they will arrive to install after 7PM, but they should call with a morning installation time, and an apology. Of course, that still could happen. Fine print on the receipt emailed to me states that installation charge (269.99) could increase if code or installation problems occurred.

So I guess that covers them legally. If they do call and/or install yet tonight, I'll post again.


yes, I agree. I just got scammed on a water valve that the plumber charge me 120.00 dollars for in addition to the 140.00 installation.

He said "that's Sears for you".

I'm never using Sears again.....bad choice.

Los Altos Hills, California, United States #718201

I've encountered the similar type of problems from Sears. It is very frustrating!

Los Angeles, California, United States #709706

I wish I had seen this earlier... My experience is almost the exact same (thought it would be a 280 install fee...

added 495 on top of that). What a crock!


Sears does use bait and switch on their website with pick up in store. JOINT COMPOUND UPC 81099 20360 is listed for $13.49, now $12.14.

I went to pick it up (with out ordering) at the Sears listed to have it in stock on sears.com and it is $15.39+tax at the store. I later read $12.14 is online only (intentionally misleading I think), but $13.49 is what it is supposed to be in the store according to the website (intentional bait and switch).


I purchased a water heater by phone from Sears late Nov. 2011.

When the plumber arrived he did nothing but complain. He said he would have to charge me an additional $160. for the job. After I complained and called Sears they said that I had to pay an additional $60.

or they would not install it. I had no choice since it was a few days before Thanksgiving and I needed hot water. I wrote to the main office and they finally refunded my $60. But that's just the beginning of my trouble with Sears.

The water heater failed county inspection. Now trying to get them to get another plumber out here and then get it re-inspected was just more than they could handle. Finally I called another plumber, he came out and fixed the problem in about 15 minutes. Then I called to have it re-inspected.

Finally after 2 months of Sears and their incompetent customer service, I handled it and got it done. Customer service is about as bad as I've ever encountered in my life. They never call back or follow through with what they say they are going to do. They will not let you talk to a supervisor.

That must be a company policy since I've seen that complaint posted before about Sears.

Stay away from Sears, especially for appliances and service or installation work. They are the worst.


I've made several attempts to get Sears to discuss this issues with me. However, it's become apparent that they have no intention of resolving this issue.

In fact, they won't even talk to.

I believe their thinking is that if you ignore an unhappy customer, they will eventually go away. So I guess I will persue other avenues in an attemtp to obtain a satisfactory solution.


Bait and Switch on Whirlpool Gold 21.9 cu ft Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Advertised online price on January 4, 2012: $ 970.99 with an earliest delivery date of Jan. 12

I ordered on January 4 (color white) and selected a delivery date of Jan 14. Sears charged my credit card.

On Jan. 13 Sears cancelled delivery b/c item out of stock. This refrigerator is NOT out of stock. Sears sells same model now for about $ 1300 and simply does not want to honor the special price of $ 970.99. Customer service sent me an email saying "May we suggest this model" - when I followed the link it turned out to be the exact model I had ordered for $ 970.99, except the finish is stainless steel and the price runs to over $1500.



They bait and switch on mattresses too. I bought a new mattress in a major Sears store and the one they delivered was reconditioned. We know it was because you could see the wear pattern sunken in area where the prior owners slept and it had a hump in the middle..a typical wear pattern for a king mattress.

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