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March 3 th I called sears to come out and give me a quote on a remodel we signed papers and that night I realized that I wanted to cancel I called and called and no one called me back ,I assumed that they got the message well 4 weeks go by and I received a called that all the supplies were here and they wanted to come and start the project. I'm handicapped and didn't realize that I had to fax the cancellation to them...they could have called me and said "I understand this is the process to cancel but no and they also said that if I cancell now I would be sued .

Well I thought if I am gonna have to pay for this anyway might as well go through with it.Well it's the first week of July and the project is not even half way done and I share my bathroom withmy room mate which is not what I wanted to happen. I have lost my faith in sears and the reps that they send out.We had one flood because of them and 2 bathtubs onewas replaced because it was fiberglass and should have been steal.We had to have the walls knocked out because the air unit started leaking all over the place. Its been a nightmare and they want me to pay for all ths hassel.I can't afford a lawyer but I wish .......every time I walkby the bathroom I get so disapointed and Sears just waits for us to call them .

We have not raised our voices at them and have been super nice. I'm not gonna let sears give me a heart attack,just wish they would finish and leave me alone Ron

Monetary Loss: $8.

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