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In aug 2018, I requested service on three appliances. I paid my deductible then.

In Oct 2018 I received a bill for the deductible. I called. And got the run around for many days.

Then they askedcme to send in my receipt copy with an explanation? I did.

Didn't hear from anyone, so I called, again I got the run around again, cslled many times, on one of my calls, after being on hold forever, they informed me they had received my proof and for me not to worry thst it was taken care of. I requested a confirmation that they had received it, I did not. Two werks ago, I received another bill again for the same issue. Then I was told thst I had called on different dstrs fir service, which isn't true.

Then I was told that my gas range claim had been denied, which didn't happen, a technician repaired it. Then Then I was told thst my gas dryet was denied, didnt happen, a technician came out and repaired it. Mean while, this was reported to the credit bureaus.

No one seems to know whatvthey are doing to include lying to the consumer. Very difficult to get a department to correct this issue

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