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On October 1st my wife and visited the local Bend Oregon Sears store that had recently announced they, Sears, would be closing their doors at the Bend Promenade Mall in the next few months. Induced and tempted by news of “sale prices” we were encouraged to replace an older refrigerator with a newer more energy efficient Sears Kenmore model.

The Sears sales associate (#1891) encouraged us to consider a 21 cu ft model of a top-freezer, #KM 21 WHT, 62152, advertised at $879.99 which looked suitable for our needs. After fumbling with his pocket calculator, he announced the sale price for this refrigerator is available to us with discounts of $169.40 for a price of $710.59.

This “Sale “price seemed appropriate and suitable so we proceeded with the purchase. When we got home we were shocked, stunned and angered to see the exact same Sears model #62152 advertised on for $633.59 (see attached)! What a rip off by the local Bend Sears store!

How in good conscience could a Sears’s authorized store inflate a price for a refrigerator by $246.40 when plainly advertises it for less? This is unethical, dishonest and nothing more than increasing prices to create a deceitful profit while exploiting the illusion and false impression of a “Sale Price”. Price gouging to say the very least!

If this is a policy and practice encouraged by Sears, it is certainly understandable that Sears brand loyalty has diminished. As a once reputable business,s the Bend Sears store has tarnished the reputation of the Sears chain’s honest trustworthy image! Perhaps a complaint with the Better Business Bureau should be contacted, along with the Oregon Attorney General’s office?

I expressed my outrage the next day with the Bend Sears MOD, Nick, who did little to diffuse my frustration. I requested a credit to my credit card in the amount of $77.00 to cover the difference between the alleged “Sales Price” and the internet price – which did not happen! Nick encouraged me to write this letter to the Sears corporate office to share my indignation.

Also he mentioned the Bend Sears prices were set by a “Liquidator” based on the store closing schedule. The Bend Sears store continues to operate as a fully authorized, legitimate Sears’s operation and sanctioned by the Sears chain, so it would seem this deceitful pricing policy in under the control of the Sears corporate headquarters. If this liquidator is endorsed by Sears then again the honorable Sears name is being jeopardized by this unscrupulous pricing structure.

To resolve this questionable pricing structure, please issue a refund in the amount of $77.00 immediately.

Sears' lack of action and comments were negative and condescending.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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Don't be fooled by this "Sears so called care" team. As "in debt" as Sears is, I would be flabbergasted if they actually refunded anything to you. Seems as if the lack of cash has caused Sears to resort to subterfuge and lying and from what I can see, stealing from their customers. Lampbert, the man who orchestrated the K-Mart/ Sears merger is struggling for cash to pay a 2.8 BILLION dollar debt. He plans to sell off the auto stores as well as several other depts that might bring them cash. Perhaps this is why they are misrepresenting their product sales prices. This is ILLEGAL and I would contact your state attorney general and start proceedings to get things right. I think they are banking on customers not wanting to pay legal fees to get back what is rightfully theirs.

(Read review number 22 on this site). Along with improperly trained people and uneducated nasty employees they have managed to bring down and entire corporation in one stroke.

They don't care if you are unhappy or plan to never shop there again.

This store is no longer our beloved sears from our childhoods.

Corporate will not do anything for you either. They are scrambling as well.

The only solution is to steer clear of the wreckage and go somewhere else. This corporation is going to sink soon.

Sears Response

Hi dwyman53,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. It’s clear that we have not only caused some confusion but some frustrations as well. We can certainly understand the importance of receiving the best price for your purchase. We want to look into this situation further to sort out the details and help provide a resolution. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (dwyman53), phone # used at time of purchase to and a personal case manager will be in touch to help. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you!

Misty H.

Social Media Moderator

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