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I ordered and paid for a pair for boots for my nephew as a christmas present through sears. I was told that they would be delivered to my home by Christmas.

On christmas eve, I received and email stating they were at the Sears store. (about 45minutes from my house) I drove up there to pick the boots up, to find out that the email was a mistake. They informed me that I would have the shoes by Dec. 30th and they would be delivered to my home.

That date came and went. I called Sears repeadedly and they continued to tell me that they would check into the situation and call me back within 24-48 hours. I never received a phone call back. After several complaints I was offered a five dollar gift card for having to wait so long.

(I think I spent more in gas running up to the store to pick up the boots that were not there). Today, after about 2 dozen phone calls, I was told that they don't have the boots and that they are going to "try" to issue me a refund. I have not yet received this $5.00 gift card that I was supposed to receive. The "customer service" team they have is horrible.

These people are extremely rude and just don't care. I will never do business with again.

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