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Their item descriptions are deceiving, so ensure you read their product descriptions fine print, thoroughly, before you make a purchase from them.

They used a perfume bottle on a perfume powder description so I was deceived into thinking I was purchasing perfume when I actually purchased powder!

Then when I requested cancellation, within minutes of ordering, they claimed they could not cancel the order. They said I could "refuse" the delivery, but they could not "refund" the shipping charges. Talk about a dishonorable way of taking someone's money.

I believe that this is the reason so many companies are falling apart during these poor economical times. People are fed-up with working hard for what they get today, and then having companies like this, with poor ethical practices, attempt to cheat them out of what little they have left.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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their advertised prices are lost leaders too, do not buy from, I may stay away from the Box Store too......


Well maybe you should of payed attention to the details that it was POWDER not PERFUME that you ordered. Not Sears fault


I refused an order because I got half a box spring and didnt know I had to buy two of the item... Long story short its been two months and they still havent credited the account. I called about 5 different occasions... once each week.

Every week I get told "sorry about that... we will credit your account and it will show up in 5 to 7 days"... then after a little over a week I call and they say "Oops" again!!!!

Its infuriating. I will never order again!

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