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BEWARE OF SEARS.COM. AND Spectrum Superstore with a website of

I made the mistake of purchasing 5 CASES OF 3M 8233 RESPIRATORS from

It seems that in actuality it is shipped by a company called Spectrum Superstore with a website of that is selling through This company rarely answers the phone, shipped us ONLY 5 RESPIRATORS not the 5 cases of 20 units for a total of 100 units I ordered for over $150.00. Then blamed Sears, and me taking NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LISTING BEING THE PROBLEM. Offering to refund me $80.00 of my $151.00 purchase and then I can keep the 5 Disposable respirators. I purchased them @ approx $1.50 each and they want me to keep 5 @ over $16.00 each OBVIOUSLY they are mathematically challenged and pulling a SCAM.

Sears just says sorry you have to deal with Spectrum Superstore even though you bought the product from Spectrum Superstore says you have to fill out a refund request on their website which will email you where AND how to return the product but that email has never shown up. Yes, I checked my spam folder. Not even spam catches an email that was not sent ;-). Anyhow, my recourse was to dispute the charge through my credit card company. Sears and this company Spectrum Superstore are really pulling a scam here and needs to be stopped

This person wrote the review because of not as described of 3m 8233 particulate respirator from Sears and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $151 and wants Sears to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was never do business again. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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We ordered a $600 lawnmower and they mailed it to Tennessee. We live in Kansas.

They won't talk to us or return our money or replace the mower.

Sears says talk to Superstore, Superstore says investigating and then UPS is like what? I just want my money or dang lawnmower.


These can be bought for as little as $6.74 each. I can see where if buying by the case, I would expect them to be cheaper.

Seller should have offered full refund. Decided not to by from Spectrumsuperstore or Sears because of this review.


Just to clarify this order situation. Sears takes product listings from 10000+ online sellers and then using the UPC (barcode) on those items tries to match them up and show a consolidated listing.

They have an algorithm to show which sellers product information to show. The problem is if one or more sellers decides to make a bundle of an item (say a 20 pack) using the same UPC, that could show to the consumer but with the price from the cheapest seller who may be selling a single item. This is what caused this problem. I believe we tried to make this right by providing the items received at cost to this customer.

We only listed a single item and shipped qty 5 ordered. To think you would be getting a $16 item for $1.50 I think is a bit naive as well. If the item price seems too good to be true it probably is.

Since this order happened, Sears has made changes to prevent this type of situation but it does rely on all Sellers providing their bundle/pack size information correctly which still may not happen. I will also say the same situation happens on ALL marketplaces (Walmart, Amazon etc...) with all sellers.


Thanks for the heads up. I won't be buying from Sears online.

Bedford, New Hampshire, United States #1279709

This very thing has happened to me with a microwave. I am now stuck with a defective microwave that I paid $300.00 for.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1257595

lesson learned!

Sears is going bust.....they will get in bed with any fly by night company to get some cash in their pocket.

What a shame, they used to be a great company with great products. I still have a Sears furnace from from 30 years, still working great.

No more, after all these dumb MBA's baby boomers got into Sear's.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1187403

Same happened to us we went to Sears and they ordered air-conditioner we were sent a condenser neither company would admit they were wrong .

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