i have had a sears regular blue card since 1973.well they send me a sears gold master card and showed a low interest rate for balance transfers.i utilized this thinking i would save some monies,ye right.it worked out ok for about 6 months.i get payed on the 1st.of each month and the bill was due on the 30th.i tryed to chage the due date to no avail.i was late 1 day on a payment,they charged me 30.00,which later was reversed.my interest rate jumped to a whopping 29.99% from about 14%.the fertilizer hit the ventilator and i called and talked to someone to no avail and requested to talk to the supervisor.she said that beings i was late on the payment is why the card had jumped up in rate,i told her the charge was reversed and she said it did not matter.i ashed to talk to her supervisor and she said they do not talk to customers.i told her i would no longer need their card,i was going to pay it off some way,and cut the card up icontacted a credit union,got a secured loan at 7% fixed rate and cut the card up.beware of this card.

Monetary Loss: $5700.

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I have had a sears mc for 2 yrs. paid on time, i thought i was a good customer, but the other day I received a letter stating they was closing my account for inactivity.

In which this has hurt my credit. Only reasons I did not use the mc that much is that Sears IS NOT the store I remembered as a child.

I will not buy anything from sears or kmart again. I hope sears go under


I think Citibank has the Sears credit cards.

You complaint is a common one. I've heard to many stories where people have been less than 24 hours late and they're getting penalized twice with a fee and an increased APR.

Treatment like this gives many an incentive to go through a settlement process or even bankruptcy. How does increasing a person's APR give one incentive to speed up payments I don't know.

I'm pretty sure Citibank is calling the shots on this. I don't even think the stores or Sears could do anything unless you return your purchases with another penalty or restocking fee.


I am so sorry I have to say this once again. I use to be a solid Sears customer that would go toe to toe with anyone who tried to get me to believe that Sears was a junk store.

Then 1 fathful day I walked into a Sears store in Traverse City MI and paid CASH for a brand new snow thrower, a set of 4 brand new directional snow tires at a tune of over 700 bucks in CASH as well as a 110 welder also paid for in CASH... The snow thrower fell apart lierally after the 7th use. This thing was so new that Sears had not started mass producing replacement parts yet for it. Well it took an act of the Michigan Government to get Sears to uphold their end of the bargain.

It wasnt like I wasnt trying to cooperate.

Even though I am paralized in my right leg and had no other way to clear my drive, I still waited almost 2 months for anyone to do anything for me. So, I am sorry to burst any bubbles but Sears is not the store you once knew as a child & that is not a good thing at all.

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