Beware of any sears "service". The experience with installers hired by Sears to install a craftsman garage door was horrible. On 12/4/2010 a sears employee didn't want to wait on me or answer any questions about garage door openers,so then I ordered it online on 12/6/2010 with installation to be on 12/13/2010, but promised ship times 12/09/2010 were bumped to 12/15/2010 which caused installation to have to be moved again 12/17/2010, which caused problems because I had

When SEARS installer got to my house12/17 to replace an old garage door opener they "Suddenly" needed another part & extra cost for that part. The installer said Sears and Craftsman WILL NOT honor their warranty if this "extra" part wasn't added. I felt like I was being robbed of another $100 and if I finally wanted my garage door opener to be installed I needed to pay up - which by the way the installer said they couldn't do the day they schedule - as they are standing in my garage on 12/17.They told me I'd have to reschedule that they were too busy!

By this point I was done with Sears or so I thought, but really my nightmare with Sears just began. I called customer service that afternoon to tell them what the installers said. They couldn't have acted like they cared any less..(fabulous attitude). I asked if I could return the SEARS Craftsmen opener at my local sears...the one that couldn't bother to wait on me on 12/4/10. I was told no. Then my Second part-time job dealing with Sears Customer Service began, one job I wasn't getting paid but was taking lots of time. I spoke to no less than 10 people associated with customer service, supervisor, I was assigned a social media rep. since I complained on sears facebook - hey - finally got some one's attention, but Korrina was worst. Promised my refund & call tag & follow up email that night. She passed it on to me someone Allan G, that invited me to make another order online!!! WHAT?!! It is obvious there is NO Communication going on there. I JUST wanted My Money Back!!! this is now 12/20/2010. By 12/27/2010 one week later no communication from anyone, I still have item, & all charges still on my Discover card. I call my Special "social Media" Rep. who claimed she has no idea why item not picked up or I didn't at least have install returned since that was canceled on 12/13. Korrina said she requested a call tag from UPS 3times. Now I hate to call someone a lair but why would someone request 3 calls tag in one week when she didn't even know there was a problem until I called her a week later? Hmm? Then she blamed it on my email. I told her I got all other emails from sears, & I asked her for dates she sent the UPS confirmations to me as I was sitting at my PC & could look thru my spam folder. Korrina said it wasn't important now, she will send an email & make a call. After we hung up I thought that is exactly what she said last week & nothing was done so I called the home office and asked for Steve Light VP-Tools & also I wanted to leave a message for Chairman of the Board- Edward Lampert, Theresa wouldn't put me thru; but did patch me thru Korrina again who informed me she was calling customer service for me but had to get off the call to talk to me again. I told her I didn't feel bad as Korrina should have made that call last week after our 1st conversation. I stressed to Korrina I only have Mondays off for item to be picked up. Korrina requested call tags from UPS for Tues, Wed, Thur. If that not the biggest F. U. to a sears customer I don't know what is. Plain & simple They.Do.Not.Care. 12/28 Korrina Promised would call me back to let me know the status of return by noon. No call ever call. I left her a message on 12/28 6pm that I will be dealing with her supervisor from now on. I really think My Social Media rep. just listened and made promises, maybe few notes... and then what Happened???? What did she do when she got off phone. did she:Shreds notes, or wadded them up for some trash can basketball? I don't know. What I can tell you she should have seen what needs to be done to bring this unhappy customer around to a positive conclusion....GETTING MY MONEY BACK SINCE THEY HIRE Shysters in the 1st place..

12/29/2010 on phone w/Sears Jane, Gabriel and then Brian...2.5 hours...No Kidding!! Sears would actually out me on hold twice for more than 20 minutes...like they were trying to wait me out...make me hang up. Brian finally got a call tag from UPS for Monday and Monday Jan. 3, 2011 UPS came at 4:30. Had to be ad my house all day, but at least garage door opener is gone. and Yes Sears lived up to their reputation. They were able to screw up this return. They got the Garage Door Opener back on the 1/6, but I only credited back the actual item. not the shipping charge, which Brian said would be credited back on 12/29 7:02.

and I'm still trying get my money back....6weeks still waiting for refund.

shop online often & have returned things to the local stores including Walmart, Target, Khols, Macys and others. NEVER have I ever had a problem. One store didn't even carry that item that I was returning but took it back as I had receipt. No hassles. These are the things customers remember...how you make them fell. Sears is definitely the loser here.

Almost six week and still dealing with this trying to get My Money Back. We just feel Robbed!!! I think I am going to mail this letter their shareholders, board of directors, ceo...but really how many people do you have to get to, to get your money back???

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