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It has been many months and many phone calls and emails - and the obvious fact is neither Sears nor Stearns and Foster care if they injure your back. They only care that their warranty is deceptive enough to sell their mattresses to more people at higher prices than equally flawed products.

Even though the mattress does not sag 1 and 1/2\" with no weight on it to comply with the warranty - when you put a human body on it the sag is so great I have to put a couple pillows in the valley to be able to get to sleep.

Unfortunately - during the night the pillows sometimes move and your back is then deformed by the failed mattress - causing extreme pain throughout the next day. Do yourself a favor - don\'t trust Sears or Stearns and Foster - or the salesmen.

Original review posted by user Jan 31, 2012

I had mattress failure - 6 months - the company said bring it in and we'll look at it. I wanted no more to do with them.

I wanted a reliable source, so I went to Sears. Their best mattress was a Stearns and Foster, big price, and what a warranty - so we went with it. Guess what, 6 months and the firmness was gone and we were sinking into the mattress at the hip area - curving the pine - causing back aches, tossing and turning - sleeplessness nights. We tried everything - then after 5 more months trying to deal with it we contacted Sears.

Guess what - the warranty is bogus. The warranty demands the mattress sag must be measured greater than 1.5 inches - when no one is on it. Do you know the mattress can lose its firmness and cause your spine to be curved when you lie on it, and not be anywhere near 1.5 inch sag visible with no body on the bed? This is a very expensive mattress with a costly warranty that is basically worthless.

They are not concerned with quality, or customer satisfaction, or customers' back heath - only with selling junk mattresses at higher cost with a high cost warranty that is extremely deceptive. If I were shopping for a mattress I would avoid Stearns and Foster, and I am definitely never going to purchase anything at Sears. Sears is also supposed to be concerned with customer satisfaction, but they certainly are not. They will not do anything about this failed mattress unless I can show measured sag and then they can get Stearns and Foster to replace it.

In my company I satisfy the customer, and if my supplier won't comply I drop their products. Sears should replace my mattress and argue with Stearns and Foster, instead of leaving me at the mercy of these frauds.

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I am a disabled Veteran who stupidly paid SLEEP AMERICA over $3200 for the Stearns and Foster top of the line king. FAILED COMPLETELY and they are not covering it at all! What a treasonus SCAM SEALY IS RIPPING OFF DISABLED VETERANS too!


Not wort it , by a cheaper extra firm mattress. S/F is not worth it!!!



Did any of you hear from S&F ? Did they do anything to compensate ?

Cause I have the same problem and I do not want them to replace the defective S&F mattress I have with another one. I just want my money back so that I can take it elsewhere.

S&F and all the sales people aware of this issue are DUPING all of us. This is simply not done.


Hi have a Sterns and Foster Kaitlin FIRM mattress from Sleep Country.

We have had it 16 mos and it has been THE WORST bed we have ever owned! It sinks in the middle, the mattress is SO uncomfortable we have developed back trouble.

Upon turning in a claim on our warranty

S&F said we have inappropriate support. WE have had it on the original support for 98% of the ownership mins q 3 month stent with a new bed-set we bought and promptly sold. The Clains Dept said that the 3 mos we had it on a 4 poster bed frame caused the bed to fail!!! NO WAY.

It was about 3 mos after we bought the bed that we started to notice our backs hurt.

No recognizing that the bed was and has been the problem we continued to sleep on it. We no longer can. We put it back in the metal ORIGINAL, frame long ago and it continued to sink and we have now given up. I have now been offered a release from liability and they will replace the set, WITH NO WARRANTY.


They must replace this set or we go to the President of S&F with our concerns and will encourage all folks who read this forum to do the same. The bed was over $1600.00 and they will not follow the warranty promised to us at the time of purchase.

This bed is the 2nd from the top, so I am guessing the manufacturing is poorly completed and may induce bad back problems. In that case people who develop back injuries from poorly manufactured beds may have a claim against S&Foster. BEWARE of purchasing anything from this company as they have terrible warranty/replacement.

We are going to the top of S&F and will continue to fight this rip-off company. MY money goes to Simmons, they have far surpassed Sterns and Foster in all ways, never again STERNS & FOSTER.

This is a Sears and Roebuck rip-off Corp........... S Higgins


We heard back from S&F - they simply told us to return to the distributor - Sears - who would do nothing. I will not but another product or service from Sears.


Streams and Foster luxury firm is anything but luxurious. It's like sleeping on a fabric covered board.

After just 4 months of very restless sleep I have resorted to sleeping on the sofa. Neither the store nor the company will sell me a pillow top mattress at a discount. Never, ever, ever buying from them again.

So much for customer satisfaction.


I'm having the same problem with my Stearns and Foster mattress! And I have also resorted to trying to use pillows to help with support.

However, when I'm not on it, it does not show the 1 1/2' of sag.

The value for your overpriced mattress was sold to me by highlighting the quality and backing of your product.

Come on Stearns and Foster, start doing the right thing for your customers!!! I will never buy another one and will make sure I let others also know to stay away too!

@Sagging Stearns and Foster Mat

I am not buying anything at all from Sears - ever again - this is how I can cast my vote against them. I heard from several people they had exceptionally good experiences returning things to SLEEPTRAIN and got what they really needed - without the frustration and deception as from Sears.

Sears Response

Dear Egalicki,

My name is Stephanie L. and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. I have just read your post and I would first like to apologize for the frustrations you have been through. I can understand your concern with the sagging of your newly purchased mattress, and the poor customer service you have received is never acceptable. I would like one of our corporate case managers to contact you. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number your mattress was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name “Egalicki” for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

You did not help at all - your service is worthless!!


Agree they are the worst people in the world to deal with NONE of there warranty’s are any good on Anything they sell!!!! It is a bunch of crap I will never buy anything from them!!!!!!