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Honestly, we have traditionally had good experiences with Sears and our appliances. How disappointed we are in our current run around with Sears! Xcel energy kept turning off and on our power on 7/24/09. Unfortunately, that blew out the compressor on our Kenmore. When I called for repair, they explained that I could pay $225 immediately and that would put in place a protection agreement--up to $500 of repairs covered, or $500 credit if we chose to replace the appliance. Okay, I was hoping it was just a fuse, but they told me if it was the compressor $483, so I decided to take them up on the offer.

Repairman said compressor would be $780! So regretfully, we decided to replace the fridge. :( Repairman put in report while we listened and apologized that it would take 48 hours to get the $500 credit authorization. We went shopping at Sears and they told us they would talk to us in 48 hours. We called to ask if the number was ready--no, wait 48 hours. It is after 48 hours. We have spent 1.5 on phone, and after 15 transfers and 2 disconnects, we were told it would be 72 hours!!!

I know this doesn't seem like much compared with the other stories, but honestly, two weeks without a fridge, plus the time to order a new one--why would Sears create such a ridiculous system of 48 hours and then disappoint a customer waiting to replace a refrigerator!! It's not like they have to make the fridge--they just have to issue a number.

Beware of Sears--they don't seem to be able to handle their systems or live up to their promises. I've learned to ask for employee numbers, record phone calls, take notes. It's too bad. I have always felt very good about Sears and wished they success as an American company. It doesn't look like my wishes are going to come true. Too bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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OMg you guys are bunch of babies. So what if you had to wait for a 30 more mins.

Did that kill you. You guys are bunch of idiots and have no idea how these things work. Im a Independent contractor for sears and Lowes and let me tell you this that i my self work 85 hours a week. Because your idiots want us to come out to you for every little thing.

So, boohoo if i was 30 min late. Cry me a river. People like you made this soo hard for everyone.

American have become so lazy and CRY BABIES :cry that i changed my job just because of idiots like you. Something that i have been doing for 13 years.


The sears care team does not follow through with their promises very well. I was told by a man named Mke he had canceled my order.

I canceled it because I chose one range and she had ordered the wrong one. So when I talked to Mike he said will cancel and reorder the correct one. 2 days later the 12 moth with 0 interest gone, the rebate for home delivery 69.00 gone, sale price still the same. So I talked to a lady who claimed she would give me a credit for these losses and send me a receipt.

Have not heard from her yet. Ready to cancel the new order.

Also a few months ago I bought a washer and dryer. the washer did not work the day I got it. Sent it back and got a new does not work well either.

I take care of my items and am not scamming Sears...the prodeucts I have received are junk. Past 30 day return policy. Runaround at care center.

I am told over and over someone will return my call but it seems like they purposely wait until sale ends before calling back. If I do keep this order it is the very last one.


Dear "appliance salesman" at a Sears store in Pennsylvania. Lets look at the other side of the SEARS coin response:

It is a TWO SIDED SEARS RIP-OFF coin and you are BIASED, because you get a ckeck and COMMISSIONS fron the NO GOOD SEARS APPLIANCES!


Just had a HORRIBLE experience with Sears. Told three different things by three different reps (on servce agreements). They explained to that my problem was very likely not covered, that I then would have to immediately pay a $115 service call fee when they showed up, in addition to parts and labor. No way to take my mower in to avoid this fee, no way to make sure it was covered. You guess, was it covered? OF COURSE NOT! $115 and I still have a broken mower and out $350 on a MA. (I refused to pay and told them the pay the service guy out of the money left on my "refundable" MA) I am ready to go to court on this one.

Fine, maybe it wasn't covered. But, NO way to avoid a service call? Explain how that is not a scam? When Sears gets to make the call everytime?

And to the Sears employee, don't give me the "cost of business" speech because you have to deal with liars, thieves, ***-artists, etc. Then get out of the business. "Please think of me" he begs. YOU are not the customer bud. Get out of work with the public if you can't handle it. Bottom line, bud, is each individual customer. My father had an appliance/furniture store for over 25 years and things DO go bad......yes, they even leak after one week (NOT impossible) because some seals are not set properly at the factory, some seals are manufactured with defects. Some electronics do well on a few hours "burn in", but after days, a capacitor can burn out.

Employees like you are one of my MAIN complaints with Sears. People who are un-educated on their own products, tell people anything to get rid of them, then cry for help when they have to deal with an issue.

BTW, what is your commission rate on MA's? So, it is in the employees best interest to sell one cause it makes him/her money.

Finally, customer appreciation is highest at Sears you state. Fine, show me the money guy. Back it up. Who did the study? Or wait, I bet your bosses told you huh?

Home Depot is hands down the best place I have ever made major purchases. Just thought, hey, I can save $159 on the one purchase if I just buy a Craftsman.

That won't happen again. I'll pay the extra money for the peace of mind.


I am an appliance salesman at a Sears store in Pennsylvania and though there are some horror stories about Protection Agreements no one ever looks at the other side of the coin. I have been a full time appliance consultative salesman for Sears for three years and I look at these sites quite often and there are some things that are never expressed on these types of sites and that is to try to look at things from Sears point of view. Even though our store has one of the best loss prevention units in the state we are still stolen from, conned and lied to on a daily basis...merchandise trying to be returned without receipts, drug addicts running out of the store with expensive merchandise, the day before Thanksgiving the range going out and now they are entitled to a new one at a very reduced price for their inconvenience and they will take anything you have in stock or off the floor, the lies about merchandise being damaged inside the box when mysteriously the outside of the box is in pristine condition, a smooth top range with *** the size of a basketball in the top and supposedly it was taken out of the box like this...*** jobs, lies, mysterious stores on the internet that the customer wants you to price match...products that worked well the first week and now mysteriously start to leak, which is impossible unless it was abused...buying clearance items off the floor then bringing them back a week later and saying it doesn't work and demanding a brand new one for the same price that the clearance item(floor model) was sold has gotten to the point that I just usually just call a manager...bottom line---all these lies and cons cost Sears well as a shoplifting problem that is beyond maybe if the techs get a little overwhelmed and over worked sometimes...try a little bit of kindness and realize that we don't live in the same world as we did 30 years ago, and that in itself is a shame...but all in all I can say that Sears operates with a customer appreciation that you will never find at Lowe's, Home Depot...or the great and almighty please give us a break


Every appliance in my household is Sears/Kenmore products. Washer, dryer, refrig., microwave, stove, television(s), ductless air system (air conditioning units upstairs and down), lawnmower, snowblower, etc.

I've got protective agreements for the majority. I've had some problems with a few items this year and needed to use these protective agreements that I have paid for. Based on my experiences this past year, I will never purchase another thing from Sears. Today I had to wait from 8 a.m.

to 5 p.m. for a technician to come to my home to fix my snowblower so that I will be prepared for the upcoming winter. Well, it's 5:45 p.m. and still a no show but when I call the 1-800# someone will be here today.

Technician just called. He'll be here around 7 o'clock!!!! He's a good 45 min. drive away!!!

Not sure how he will fix it in the dark but can't wait to see this. Not the technician's fault that Sears overbooks. This isn't the first time. Took an entire day off from work, AGAIN, for nothing.

They can't give you better than 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. visit but this is the third time this year that I've required service and not one of them arrived before 6 p.m. I guess my time isn't important to Sears .

. .

such great customer service isn't it. "Thank you for choosing Sears" is their slogan but I won't be choosing it ever again once all these protection agreements expire and I need a new appliance, I will go anywhere but Sears.


We did get a phone call on Friday morning with our authorization number and ordered our refrigerator that afternoon. One week and a day after we called for an appointment and 92 hours after the repairman called in the claim and told us 48 hours.

We do appreciate those who went out of their way to resolve this. We do not feel that the employees we talked to were incompetent or unskilled or unkind--in fact we felt FOR them. They seemed to have been caught in the "system."

We SINCERELY HOPE that Sears will fix the system to have happier customers AND happier employees.


While we appreciate Sears prompt response to this forum, unfortunately it didn't help at all. We are now into 80 hours and still no number.

Called back to talk to our case manager--no such thing. 45 minutes & 1 hang up (but they did call back!! Yeah!) and we were told maybe next Monday they could provide the magical number. The sale at Sears is scheduled to finish tonite!

We have great memories of Sears--we grew up with Sears and Roebuck! Why they are selling this protection plan and then are leave you stranded without the ability to use it is just terrible. Aren't there other ways to solve this? Rebates?

Credits back to your credit card?

Can't that even be an option? Why does it take such time to produce this number?


I say WE all BOYCOTT this poor excuse of a company!!! IT has been all downhill ever since KMART took over SEARS!!!

It now sucks just like KMART.


Dear Ktindenver,

It is disappointing to read about the service you have received from Sears. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. We would like to assist you in resolving this issue. If you can contact us at so we can find a solution that bests meets your needs. Please include your screen name (Ktindenver) in your email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

David V.

Senior Case Manager