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I ordered a specific table from Sears through their online service. The website clearly stated on the date that I submitted my order (May 31)that the item was in stock.

In fact the Sears website still indicates that the same product is in stock on June 2 even though they do not have it. I received my confirmation email of my purchase from Sears 3 hours after my online purchase. Everything seemed to be in order with the title of "Your Order Summary". When I checked my order closely there was written in red: "Substituted Item" under the product that I ordered.

That was it. Sears had substituted my item that I had ordered with a substituted item of their choice...no description of the item, no product number to refer to...nothing...just "substituted item". I called Sears customer services and was told that the product that they substituted it with was of equal quality and similar in appearance. I asked for the product number so that I could see what they were sending.

The product did cost the same but it looked inferior to the product that I ordered. It was a different colour with different glass top. The table that I ordered looked sturdy. This one did not.

They should not be able to automatically substitute an ordered product with another. Why are they not required to ask my permission if it is OK to charge my credit card with an item that I did not order and that they and only they approved as a substitution? Why does their website indicate that an item is available when it is not...even two days after? Why did my order go through if the item that I wished to purchase was not available?

I asked customer service to send me their policy that Sears had the right to substitute an item with another without customer consent and she could not. AVOID SEARS AT ALL COST.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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Sears Response

This sounds like a very frustrating situation. Have you gone to the Sears Canada page: https://secure.sears.ca/customer-support# to get support?