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In October, I purchased a bagger system ship-to-store from Sears dot com to Sears in Reidsville, Nc. Two days later, I returned the item and purchased one that fit my tractor (tractor paid in full from from Sears). My bill showed that I had both bagger systems on a 24 month promotional plan. I went back to the store with my return receipt, where the manager gave me register print-outs showing that the item was returned. She also called in a complaint on my behalf. Sears credit services would not confirm that the manager called for me, so I called the store to confirm with her. Then I called Sears credit and they told me to wait a few days for processing. In my November bill, I was still being charged for 2 bagger systems and waiting for a resolution.

In December's bill, I was charged interest on a portion of what the bagger system cost. After 30 minutes of story telling about where the interest was coming from, the rep finally confirmed that the interest was for the disputed bagger system and told me to call the billing disputes department on Monday. When I called Monday, I was told to fax over my return receipt and register prints to fax number 866-940-5592. I did so and called to confirm that it was received. I was told that faxes are received in a "glass room" and take 24 hours to process. Tuesday (today), I am told that faxes are received in 24 hours and process in three days.

I am including a photo of my exchange receipt, which shows the $329.99 item returned with $18.15 to be billed and a $306.36 credit ($18.15 tax + 306.36 credit = $329.99 total for the returned item). The photo of the register print out shows that the store registers completed a return of one of two bagger systems. The Redisville manager has be extremely helpful and kind to me. The Sears bill with lawn and garden purchases for October versus the December statement show that no changes have been made to my account to remedy this second bagger system outside of an imediate $18.15 credit for the taxes, which I never should've been charged on a returned item anyway. The December bill also shows interest despite promo periods on all purchases. I did not see interest charged in November. The fax receipt shows that I sent a fax from Sears store in Kernersville, Nc.

Basically, Sears credit services refuses to refund me for a returned item even though I have done everything in my power to prove that the item is not within my posession. I even have the manager of the Redisville store calling to complain on my behalf! I am doing my very best to avoid taking legal action. I'm not greedy; I just don't want to be charged and paying interest for an item that I don't have! I keep hearing that things take time to process, that most people wouldn't notice a charge of $340, and to call back Monday. After several Monday's I have yet to resolve this problem!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $330.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: Availability, Price.

Sears Cons: Time to receive faxes.

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