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I go on black friday to get a tv stand in the line for over 2 hours to get it in the *** cold they were suppose to pass out tickets for the itmes 2 hours prior to 8pm they didnt then when they did it was 745 and only had 8 tvs...I mean come on you put a 900.00 tv on sale for 300.00 and you only have 8 tv's knowing there is gonna be more than 8 people to show up for it. Ill never go back they have some really PISSED people there...IT WAS NOT FAIR!!!!!

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Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #573008

Well almost same story here. Waited 3 hours in line for tv. Had about 20 people ahead of me that had been waiting as well. The guy comes out started handing out tickets, would go down the line for everything. But when it came time for tv tickets, everyone from back if line ran to the front and were given the few tickets they had. No one that had been waiting in front received a ticket. The guy said" this is the American way, if you dont like it, you can choose not to shop in black friday!"

Well i said I thought the american way, was bein resepctful to others not cutting lines and doin things and handling business the way they did.

I will NEVER SHOP Sears or kmart(an affilate of theirs) again!!

Cablelas in other hand, knows how to give back to their customers and treat them. For the first 600 in line by 5 am, recieved a gift card. You at least walked away with $10 to spend. Some prizes were big ticket items, rifels, smoker or even $100 gift cards. The wait along with the staff of Cabelas, in Louisiana was extradiinary. They had hot coffee and chocolate they also passed out donuts to everyone. I was told (dont know how true) it didnt mattrer if you was 600 or more, if you was there you received a gift card. Thats what you call taking care of your customers.

If every store would offer a gift card, itll draw you in the store, even if you dont get that special item on sale. You may be tempted to buy something else.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #573022

I was standing in line for hours to get in line and got the ticket. I was really happy that I got the ticket.

I rush to the cashier and bought my tv, so they don't sell to anyone.

Then I went for other shopping inside store, and then I went to pick up my TV and guess....THEY SOLD MY TV TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO DIDN'T HAD TICKET. I WAITED HOURS AND HORUS OUTSIDE IN COLD to get TV AND ALREADY PAID FOR THAT and they sold to someone else...now they are offering me crapy 47 and 46 tvs or money back....Is this legal?

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