I ordered a Samsung 65" Smart TV from (I thought) Sears. A week after payment was made I received a call from a party indicating the order was sub-contracted and that shipping was made through the sub-contractor.

At no time prior to the payment for the TV was the sub-contractor relationship explained. In fact, the receipt (again after payment) indicates in small type the item was sold and shipped by "Onecall.com". The receipt has Sears in bold face in several places and the relationship with Onecall was not explained. Onecall arranged delivery and left the package curbside on palette in the rain.

I am 67 with bad knees and was not able to move the box. Even healthy one person could not (without jeopardizing the product) move the package.

Bottom line Onecall refused to accept a return because the product was damaged by the rain and Sears told me to deal with Onecall. Sears Sucks!!!

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