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I have heard rumor over the past few years that Sears and Kmart are in serious financial trouble and are in danger of going bankrupt. After my most recent experience at Sears I now understand why.

Yesterday I went to one of my local Sears to purchase a sump pump. They were out of stock on the one I wanted. The salesperson was kind enough to check on his computer to see if any of the other local stores had any. One of the local stores did indeed show that they had two in stock. He also suggested that I wait while he called the other store to verify and put the pump on hold for me. He called, spoke with Dave who verified stock, asked for my name, and agreed to put it on hold for me.

I drove to the other store, went to the hardware department. There were a few people on line with only one salesperson for that entire department. The salesperson and the customer he was waiting on was gracious enough to let me interrupt to ask one question…where are the sump pumps? He directed me to a cart, stating that they do not have enough shelf space to display the pumps. I searched through the pile of pumps on the cart but did not find what I was looking for. I went back to the service desk to ask the same salesperson for assistance. After waiting for him to help other customers, it was finally my turn. I told him that a pump was on hold for me, it was put aside by Dave. He first wanted to look on the cart where I already looked to be sure I did not miss it…..sure enough, it was NOT there. I asked him to call Dave, which he did. Dave told him to look on the cart again. No luck, it did not appear. I asked him to call Dave out to the floor (he was in an office). He called Dave who told him to search the stockroom. The sales person did as he was told but did not find the pump. Again, I asked for Dave to come out to assist, not just me but the several people who had now been waiting on line for over 15 minutes (several others gave up and left the store without purchasing). The salesperson called Dave who said emphatically refused to come out but would send someone else out to assist. A few minutes later, Chris came out to the floor.

Chris came out to tell me they do not have the pump. I told him that Dave verified stock and put it aside for me when he was called by the salesperson at the other store. He told me that he did not do that as he assumed it was in stock because the computer showed two in stock. He then said,…”sorry, it was an honest mistake”. I was blatantly lied to. Saying you verify stock and making the assumption it is in stock are two very different things. At this time I was completely frustrated and was not getting anywhere with Chris nor would Dave come out of the office to talk to me so I asked Chris who they reported to. He gave me the name Wesley Bolman. I asked where I could find him. Chris replied “Syracuse”. I asked how I could get ahold of him and he relied “I don’t have his number”. I then asked how I could register a complaint and he told me “I could contact corporate”. I asked him who or how I could do that and he replied “I don’t know”. He then turned his back to me and while walking away, in a very sarcastic tone told me “to have a nice day”. I wasted two hours of my time plus expense of driving to and from another part of town because of employee incompetence and I was dismissed like I was an unwelcome guest.


It turns out that Dave is DAVE SLEVIN, STORE MANAGER of Sears at the Boulevard Mall in Amherst NY and Chris is CHRIS BURKE, OPERATIONS MANAGER at the same location. I find it amazing that two managers could be so uncaring about their customers…. Dave who blatantly lied with no regard to another person’s time and expense, and Chris who didn’t make any sincere apology or attempt to rectify the situation and was curt, sarcastic and dismissive. I found it equally amazing that the operations manager did not know how to get ahold of his boss, WESLEY BOLMAN, DISTRICT MANAGER or how to contact the corporate office.

In the past 10 years or so, I have purchased from Sears two refrigerators, two stoves, one dishwasher, two washers and dryers, one 58 inch TV, a surround sound system, a Blue ray DVD player, an air compressor, a compound miter saw, a garbage disposal, a lawn mower, a sewing machine, a vacuum cleaner, and countless hand tools, clothes, electronics, and more.

I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS OR KMART AGAIN. I HOPE THEY GO BY WAY OF WOLWORTH, OLDSMOBILE, CHRYSLER, AMERICAN AIRLINES, LEHMAN BROTHERS, ENRON, ETC. With so many retail establishments that will go out of the way to please and retain a customer I do not feel the need or desire to support a company that has little or no regard for their customers.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #839949

There's nothing to say Dave lied. Dave like any other employee at a store like this probably looked at inventory on a computer screen which said that have the pump in stock.

However for some reason the stock room did not actually contain the pumps. This is a common thing in retail.

Items go missing/aren't properly inventoried. It certainly doesn't mean Dave lied to you.

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