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I spent several hours yesterday talking with Sears reps and on hold listening to what someone at Sears considers "music" just trying to get my washer fixed.

I had a confirmed appointment for the repair but the repair man never showed up. I had checked earlier in the day to confirm the appointment but and was assured someone would be there.

To no one's surprise, the repair person never showed up. I spent MORE time on the phone only to be told two different reasons for why no one showed up.

And hence: I would rather be anally raped by Satan than ever speak on the phone with Sears again. Read all about it:

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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As a person that deals with sears daily I agree with you about the music.. It sucks so bad even satan would beg for mercy.

elevator music is better. A lot of sears repairmen are underpaid and overworked like many of us are. The company standards for them change all the time. They are required to sell stuff(service plans, cleaners.

etc..) for sears and if they don't they can get in trouble. Your comments also decide if a repairmen gets to keep his job or not. Always remember when you are called or go online to do your repair survey you are rating only the repairman that came to your home. Not your overall rotten experiance you had trying to get him out there in the first place.

Your comments can cause a repairman to get fired or not get a deserved raise. If the repairman does a great job then tell him/her and also call it into his local office. Getting a repairman mad at you is not good either as they talk to each other about calls and poor cust attitude might lead to a less experienced repairman being sent to your home. Anytime you feel a call is taking to long to get service or get repaired call the manufacturer of the appliance.

You the cust have way more pull than say the repairman does in getting things done faster. So in otherwords not all the fault should be placed on the repairman.

New computer systems and poor cust service are slowing down and making a good repairmans job harder. Sears is trying to come into the 21st century but is doing so without the proper training for their employees.


Sounds fun.. 8)