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Hi Have Any-One Experience: This Problem Call Sears Blue Team The Rep. Answers Seem Geninelly In Assistance Shortly Afterward Tells You Only One Person Can Assist You Because They Are Most Knownledgeable With Your Case.

Mind You The Case Never Been Discuss, On My First Entry Case A Female Name Andrea assign "Depesh Shaw" To Represent This Issue at that point he bacame my problem. They have Several Hundreds Empowered Rep.

I Request That His Service Be Revolk, But To No Avail Has Any-One Had This Type Of Rhetoric Surely It Stem Bias. Please Respond It IS Time For This Type Of Foolishness To Stop In 2011 Thank You Alway Yours U-Diggy.

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I purchased a Frigidaire Stove through Sears. The stove came damaged. The stove

did not have the LP gas conversion kit.

I was on the phone for five complete days

with Sears and got no where. They hung up

on me, they put me on hold for hours.

I kept complaining, even went to the Frigidaire Corporation. They lied to me, said they had sent the conversion kit. Today is day 9 since I began complaining.

Yesterday, I got two more pieces for the damaged kit identical in color of white. My

stove is BISQUE in color so I cannot use them. I did not need either of the braces

they sent. I did not need the plastic plug

they sent (have no idea what that is for).

I learned yesterday the conversion kit was

never mailed even though I was told numerous times it was mailed to us. I am beginning to wonder if they even have one

for purchase or replacement. The stove is still sitting in my kitchen in the middle of the floor unusuable. If I had a pickup

it would already have been dropped off at

Sears. When I tried to get them to pick it up, they put me on hold and never answered

I waited over an hour. I considered not making my payment this month. I made it, but next month if the situation is not handled, I REFUSE to make another one.

The stress has caused me and my husband great medical conplications with high blood pressure and stress. When I asked

Frigidaire what to do with the WHITE parts

they sent they said to keep them. Now, really, what could I do with them. Imagine,

this stove is BISQUE and BLACK, put white

on it and it would be a redneck stove. I

live in WV but I am not interested in those

colors mixed together. I just want my BISQUE stove with the damaged part replaced

and the conversion kit so I can USE IT.

I am very angry over my treatment with this

stove. I would never purchase from Sears

ever again nor would I ever purchase any

Frigidaire products again. If this is how

they treat the people who purchase their

products, then eventually they will go out

of business. From now on I will buy locally

where I can see the product, not let the delivery man out of my sight before checking to make sure parts are all there

and safe. The delivery man told my husband

the conversion kit was in the pan in the oven with cardboard over it.

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