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I called and booked a service call for a front load washer on a Saturday. The appointment was from 3-6 PM the following Tuesday.

I asked for a confirmation number. I was told it would be linked to my telephone number on the account, even though I left a cell number for the contact. I called on Monday to confirm and was told that no appointment had been booked. I subsequently booked another appointment (Friday 3-6 PM) and left even more details for the repair (i.e.

a broken drain pump) and contact cell number. We did receive emails with tracking button. Contacted them at 2:45 pm to let them know we had not heard from them and that it would be 3:10 PM for arrival. Was told no problem and they would call before coming.

Arrived at 3:10 PM and found sorry I missed note (3:05 PM). The vendor still had landline number instead of cell number for contact. Wife called the company and was assured that the technician would come by before 6 PM. Ticket was updated for the cell number previously provided.

I also called and was told that they had and would escalate the issue and that technician would be there by 6 PM and to call them back if it did not occur. After 6 PM and of course, no technician. With all of the time and money lost due to the inability of the booking department to post correct information, we could have bought a new appliance. Many additional calls and wait times have been omitted from this posting.

We have been long time users of Sears.

It is not hard to understand why the company is doing poorly. Incompetence, lack of customer service, and poor process management are leading contributors.

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