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June 20, 2002, 25-year roof shingles and attic vents installed by Sears Home Central. They installed the ventilation improperly, causing premature deterioration of shingles, also water infiltration as a result of ice dams. I had requested that they make sure there was proper ventilation at the time of contract.

I called Sears rep within days of installation to express concern about the placement of Maxi Vent. Even an old woman knows it should be as high as possible, near the ridge. It is half way down the roof. The rep, Ken Campbell, looked from the ground, on one side, and said it was good enough. Against my better judgment, all I could do was hope for the best.

That summer, I noticed excessive falling off of granules from shingles.

July 11, 2009, I noticed shingles becoming bare, curling and breaking. I called Sears Home Central to report this. (1-800-220-5635) It took several calls before someone got back to me.

July 31, Marc Page from Sears inspects roof. Without hesitation, he informs me that ventilation was not properly installed, that this was causing the problem and it was Sears' fault.

He immediately phoned a claim under my name to BP, the shingle manufacturers. He told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks to process claim. That seemed strange, as my contract was with Sears, not with BP.

Afterward, I visit Maxi Vent website and found, according to their very clear instructions, that indeed the ventilation was all wrong.

Aug 17, BP inspector checks roof. No report as yet from BP.

Concerned that this be fixed before winter, I made numerous calls to Sears Ottawa office. Often, my calls were not returned. Occasionally, spoke with Marc Page, Robert Gooden, also a person called Doug.

All I got were excuses, pretexts and gobbledegook. Mr Gooden told me Marc Page didn't know anything about roofing. Later in same conversation he said Page had been a roofer before going into sales. Another time, October 1, Gooden said it was the first time he heard of this case. (I first spoke with Gooden July 27 "˜09)

October 9, I got fed up and emailed Corporate Customer Service, who passed my complaint back to Mr Gooden.

October 13, Gooden calls me and grudgingly says he will come and see himself. Never showed up.

October 16, I called Gooden and offered this interim solution– Since it is now too cold to put on shingles, would he fix the ventilation now, and shingle next Spring. This would at least prevent ice dams and water leakage.

He agreed and said he would schedule it this week, Monday or Tuesday (Oct 19 or 20) Still nothing happened.

I feel through all this that they are deliberately stalling and avoiding the issue.

I am a 70-year-old woman, living alone on a shoestring budget. I cannot afford this kind of thing. Until now,I always thought of Sears as being reliable and trustworthy.

I tried to be very reasonable and patient. I hope they are not trying to take advantage of an old woman.

Winter has arrived and my roof is still not fixed. So I'll be placing buckets to catch water drips.

I am disappointed beyond words with Sears. Yes, Sears SUCKS

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sears roof salesmen mislead u in sales presentation .dont tell u fine print.electronic contract is a cd mine malfuctioned.could not cancel in 3 days aloted.sub contractor failed code insp.3 times.roof removed an reinstalled again just as bad by another one of their fabulous cont. would not recommend sears. not even to mow grass, BEWARE home owners.


I'm 68 years old and bought a roof from Sears. There is a hole in the roof where the garage ties on to the main roof.

I had the contractor come back and he said that was not the roof because it was inside the garage. I got the 800 number from the internet and reported the sloppy job and the person I talked to got hateful.

She said she would send an e-mail to the cordinator for my area which happens to have the same name as the guy who was in charge of putting the roof on. I can not believe how much thievery is going on in business so that the rich can still make thier money and the old and poor can just pay and pay for their 2nd and 3rd houses.


same problem as other customers sears screwed up on the ventiliation and the shingles started coming apart after 12 years......they gave me the total run around...i had experts come out and write up the problem ....i had to have a new roof and vents added in the proper place under the in the process of suing sears...they are awful to dael with take no not bur a roof from sears...andrea email forestblu111@ date sept. 2011


The problems will never end apparently until folks stop buying from these misfits.

After 13 years my 25 year shingles have failed to the point of one leak on the south side mainly -

BP sent a guy out who claimed my ventilation was poor so my shingles have failed.

Here's the thing apparently the ventilation is only poor on the south side of the attic and in the valleys because the North side is fine.

There is no cure for *** - what can ya do?

Don't buy BP - ever!

Stu Regina Sk


Tell me how on earth do they stay in business?


I would skip Sears products and services. I have a Sears band saw that could not make a straight cut to save my life.

I havea brand new Kenmore fridge that leaks all aver my floor and defrosts it self everynight and lastly I bought a hand held power saw from them which is falling apart and never worked right. If you buy from Sears then they got another sucker


Well, thanks for the heads-up. I'm about to getting roofing quotes and had Sears on the list because they did the roof 20 years ago (and properly at that time), but it seems a lot has changed at Sears Canada.

I'm seeing so many online complaints about their roofing operations that I think I'll skip 'em this time. Thanks for sharing the info.

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