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I bought the biggest Kenmore Elite fridge I could fit in my house for $3012.55 on Feb 22, 2016. It broke 3 months later. The fan started making wierd noises, then it stopped completely and the fridge stopped cooling. It showed error code Er rF (related to the fan breaking).

I called for warranty repair. The didn't understand English well and put in the wrong error code and ordered the wrong parts. The parts they ordered were on backorder, so they rescheduled several times while waiting weeks for those wrong parts. When I researched myself and found the error, they wouldn't change the service order and said only the technician could order the change, but he couldn't come until the wrong parts were sent to my house... which were on backorder with a Korean manufacturer. Note that their warranty folks don't understand their systems, and so they would often tell me conflicting stories about if the parts were on order, if they were on backorder, insist that they had been delivered until I asked for the tracking # and then they realize it wasn't, etc. Many wasted hours...

So... being hungry and needing a fridge, I went to the Sears Home Appliance showroom where I bought it (Sears Home Appliance Showroom, 5864 N. Tarrant Pkwy, Ft. Worth, TX 76137) to return or exchange the fridge rather than wait even more weeks for repair orders to be fixed. However, they had permanently closed! So, I called and Sears said they couldn't help and to go to the next nearest store. I went there, and the same clerk (#6833) who sold us the fridge was working there now (2720 State Highway 121, Euless, TX 76039). She understood our frustration and recommended exchanging the fridge but needed her manager's approval. She called him, and he fought with her over it a bit and she looked defeated. She said he would call us the next day and if he didn't work it out we could talk with her district manager. He never called, and we were never able to get him on the phone...

So, I searched for how to complain to Sears and got a phone number from a blog site about angry Sears customer experiences. I called and they were helpful. It was a long call (over an hour), but the guy set up an exchange for us. It was scheduled for a couple weeks later (making it about a month and half of no working fridge), but we were glad to get the exchange scheduled.

When they came, they took the broken fridge but tried to provide a fridge that was much smaller, didn't have the water/ice dispencer, didn't have the french doors of the original, etc. We refused that and so they left us with no fridge. They took the "replacement" little fridge we rejected and the big broken fridge.

We called customer service to get an even exchange scheduled, and it became clear that they had transposed two numbers in the model number -- our original receipt makes all this clear. However, they are insisting that they are providing the same model we bought and we are left with no fridge and no solution!!! They hung up on me twice when I tried to explain what was going on -- I guess it was too complicated for them and they didn't want to deal with figuring out how to fix it in their system.

Unbelievable... Don't buy from Sears!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I forgot to mention... they ruined our wood floors and broke the glass kitchen light shade when installing the original fridge that broke a few months later.

So we lost $3012.55 on a fridge that we don't have now, lost $600 in food that went bad, lost ~$100 on the dining room light they broke, have a messed up wood floor that we haven't fixed, and we have been without a fridge for over a month and a half with no end in sight...

unbelievable, Sears. unbelievable.