Schiller Park, Illinois
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I bought a 4,000.00 refrigerator at sears and had to have it serviced 8 times. This last time we had over 350.00 worth of food that spoiled.

I have called and complained each and every time and to no avil nothing has been done. I am beside myself and keep making phone calls to sears to get some positive action. I have small children and have not been able to go grocery shopping because my refrigerator to put these groceries in. My family has spent a fortune in ordering take out food for 5 nights.

Oh and forget about our daytime meals.I'm so done with sears.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Ralphie, try and collect on your warranty when something goes wrong. Try getting through on the phone to warranty dept.

and getting service and/or parts. Sears is a nice place to shop until something goes wrong on an item you spent x number of dollars on an extended warranty for...then you get a bunch of children who have the mental equivalency of a 2nd grader off his meds answering the phones and not helping you. Yeah Ralphie boy, you sho done good gittin' yerself that extennid warranty. Wow that makes you just so much smarter.

You're so smart you even read things that weren't in this OP's report. She never mentioned she did not buy the extension for her warranty. She said she's called EIGHT times only to get no help and I know exactly what she is talking about. And then there's that sheep named Curt....All I can say to you is "Uh duh!".

:upset You 2 must be cheerleaders for Sears. Cute you could come together to get some male bonding this way.


Thank you Ralph i totally agree..and she obviously didnt even think about maybe the item was possibly defective and should have been returned . That is why appliances and electronics come with warranties.. I'm sick and tired of people putting the blame on Sears for their own stupidity or mistakes :(


Call the appliance department and ask someone to give you the "One Source" phone number. They can help you get this resolved.


Hmmm. The warranty book I have on my Kenmore Elite ($2800, top of the line unless you buy commercial grade), indicates parts and labor are covered for a year, and parts on the sealed system are covered for 5. Fortunately, I paid extra for the protection agreement, that covers food loss, and says very clearly, that if I have more than 4 completed repairs in a 12 month period, the product with be replaced with the same, or comparable model.

Either you did not read the manual, or you paid all that money and didn't get an extended warranty.

Either way, congratulations for looking like a ***.