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Dear CSR 414:

Thank you for allowing me to respond to your post. My Diatribe that follows is a SUBJECTIVE OPINION, but I strongly believe that it is woefully ACCURATE.

You are ABSOLUTELY correct in Sears/SHC creating claim numbers for issues concerning purchases from Sears. The run around game is what Sears/SHC desires, and they have it. Unfortunately, this is what every consumer faces when attempting to get proper legal and rightful action regarding your situation. Sears got the attention they want, and they obviously don't care. Nor will they, ever. Angry

The only thing that will decimate what they are doing is to cease from purchasing ANYTHING from Sears. Word of mouth is devastating and is the “Quiet Riot” is in the hands of every consumer. Cesar Chavez (UFW Civil Rights Activist for migrant farm workers in the early 1970's) enforced and encouraged a national BOYCOTT of produce products. It started with “table” grapes. Chavez's efforts punched their lights out, literally. It may be time for all consumers to BOYCOTT ANYTHING RELATED to SEARS/SHC in 2018 and beyond. Literally, folks: BOYCOTT. The money we spend is extremely important to our survival, and the efforts we are making to force them to act to conduct business legally and properly has not done anything to help us. In the words of Henry Kissinger, paraphrased in the new millennium is this: "Let Sears/SHC Bleed A LOT. This is their shame game, and Sears/SHC needs to hemorrhage like we all are presently.

BOYCOTT anything related (directly and indirectly) to Sears. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT! AVOID ANYTHING REGARDING SEARS/SHC.

When the housing/economic burst occurred 10 years ago, Warren Buffet took the charge at Solomon Brothers and he personally and professionally, took a major hit. However, Mr. Buffet faced the atrocity by taking charge and worked great lengths to get things right again. Bershire Hathaway, (one of the companies I currently invest in, along with Samsonite and Dairy Queen) was a former textile company that went bankrupt, and “The Oracle of Omaha” turned it's name into a multi-billion dollar crown jewel. Sears could do that, but the love of paper, in a human value for their advantage will soon evolve into confederate money, not even worth the effort to use to wipe our behinds. Recycled leaves work much better.

The money that Sears/SHC is burning through is of no consequence to we consumers, since their moves to close 72 MORE stores, causes an economic exodus of unemployment and financial, personal poverty all the way around.

In my subjective opinion, the evidences of attention illuminates that the ESL Hedge Fund has to cover incoming and outgoing funds to cover the I.O.U.'s in the Sears/SHC pension funds. ENRON did the same thing. These two entities are the poster children of Corporate and Human Maleficence, and SHC's presence in the stock market is that PROOF of how certain “shares” move at amazing high and lows in the transactions each day stocks are traded. They trade between THEMSELVES. Its a SHELL GAME on the surface, publicly. They won't lose a dime, either way, but Sears/SHC literally threw it back in our faces and basically enforces us to accept their shame as OUR penalty, because we did business with them. Sears/SHC makes it our fault. The "Pre-Recorded" conference call @ SHC that was released yesterday is LIVING PROOF. Their Transcript proves that hypothesis.

Sears SHC and ENRON are one in the same, folks. Get out of it ASAP. Cut your losses and empower yourself to do business with companies who do fair trade and commerce. The more of the financial life blood you transfuse to other businesses (BUT NOT SEARS/SHC) will wipe them out. A tick, is a tick, is a tick, like a leech. Walk Away A Winner by throwing salt in their wounds.

You'd be surprised. Hang In There Fellow Pissed Consumers!!!!


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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