Two weeks ago, I purchase a Kenmore front loading washer and dryer from Sears. I Hadrian some awful complaints towards Sears regarding appliance deliveries only after purchasing them and was then nervous, but the delivery guys came on time as expected and everything seemed right. Three days later, my washer stopped working. I called Sears and set up an appointment with a Sears technician for this morning.

First, the technician gave an eight hour window of time and did not call like he was supposed to but just showed up. He then said that he couldn't do anything because we had removed the sticker with the serial and model number that comes on the washer. I told him that we had not seen or removed any such sticker yet he repeatedly accused us of removing it and basically told us we were out of luck and left!

I then called the store I had purchased it from and no one could help me other than to say that I have to wait to speak with the sales associate who originally sold them to me. They recommended I purchase another set, have them delivered and then have my current ones hauled away to get reimbursed. Seriously?!

Now I am on the phone with customer complaints waiting on hold after again being accused of removing this ridiculous sticker. I could not be more frustrated and am currently stuck win a brand new and for me expensive washer that does not work! Ridiculous. I made the mistake of giving Sears a chance and I am seriously regretting that now.

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