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Sears delivered our new washer and dryer two weeks ago. The first crew didn't finish the installation.

They sent a second crew 4 days later. When we tried to use the dryer it wouln't dry. We had a repairman out today and he said that it needs 2 parts. THESE ARE BRAND NEW and they need parts.

They said that they would replace the dryer, but they are out of stock until late November.

The store won't give us a different color with out more money because it was a special sale and the pedastals came with them. Meanwhile we are stuck with no working dryer after spending $2,000 and they won't do the right thing by simply exchanging it for us.

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dispute it with the credit card company. tell them what you stated above and the fact that you have been charged $2k for something that does not work and will not in the foreseeable future.

Or, you can go thru sears and demand a refund, NOW and for them to pick up the appliances NOW.

Either way, just remember Sears is now part of KMart and you know what that means for quality and service. The Sears, Roebuck you grew up with is no longer in existence, replaced with cheap foreign goods, crappy customer service, and nothing but a shell of it's former self.

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