My Brand new snow thrower I bought at sears and purchased the service agreement is now broken for the second time. The thing that has me pissed off is each time I have had to wait two week to have them come out to repair it.

I live in New England we have received a lot of snow this winter (which is why I purchased a snow thrower in the first place). I have had to shovel my two car wide 200 ft drive way with small parking lot by hand or borrow a snow thrower from a friend.

This will be the last Sears purchase for me (it is where I have shopped for everything).

Can someone recommend a good alternative like home depot or anyplace else?

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sorry that was smsupport@searshc.com


sorry to hear this happened....email smsupport@-earshc.com...tell them what happened and I'm sure they will provide you with a satisfactory resolution...GOOD LUCK!

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