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DMy Kenmore elite dishwasher has been broken for over 2 months now and these guys have been unable to get me a working appliance. The first technician didn't do anything (didn't wear a mask in my home until I asked him repeatedly to wear one), then ordered a part.

Second technician bad-mouthed the first technician and said that he ordered the wrong part, he wouldn't even replace the damn parts and left.

Those parts were unavailable and the day before they were supposed to come out to replace them I SPENT HOURS on the phone trying to get figure out what was happening, just to tell me that I had to wait close to A MONTH to maybe get the parts shipped.

After 8+ hours on the phone with numerous terrible customer service reps and emails to high ranking executives, Debra Tsenguyen contacted me to not help. After confirming what I had been saying all along, that they were incapable to get me a working dishwasher she offered a replacement (read: agreed to my multiple requests). The options I wanted were going to take 2 months to get delivered, so I paid extra to get one that was more expensive, not great ratings, but available sooner. Then, THE DAY BEFORE I'm supposed to get it installed, I get a call to tell me that the damn unit is delayed BY ANOTHER MONTH.

I called and emailed Debra and the executives, and she tells me that "she confirmed" that the dishwasher wouldn't be available until a month later.

Brilliant- she repeated what I had already told her.

I'm still going through this... and she just doesn't get it.

I cannot understand how she's even in this position. She doesn't offer customer service.


User's recommendation: DON'T BUY FROM SEARS - YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Sears Cons: Unable to get service, Terrible customer service for repair, Unable to repair or replace unit.

Location: Winchester, Massachusetts

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Just buy a Whirlpool product from Lowe’s and throw it out. The stress Sears is going to put you through it will be worth taking the loss you will ever get it resolved thru them

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