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I purchase a microwave from the outlet store in Nashville. They said the microwave was working fine but had two dents.

I took it home and installed it. I noticed right away that it took a very long time to heat up food. I had purchased the warranty so I called to have a technician come out and look at it. They sent a technician out who proceeded to tell me that there was nothing wrong with the unit.

I showed him that it took over 8 minutes to cook a bag of microwave popcorn. He told me he couldn’t do anything. I continued to use the microwave and it eventually stopped heating all together. I called Sears again and they set up a second appointment.

Well, the day came and went but not technician showed up. I called back and they apologized and said they would reschedule. It was 2 weeks before I could make another appointment. The second appointment came and went with another no show.

I called back and was very angry. The person at the call center asked me if I had received the parts yet. I explained that no technician had been to my house to even look at the unit. She said that they had cancelled the appointment because the parts were on back order and that someone should have contacted me to reschedule.

She said to call back when the parts arrived. Another 1.5 weeks passed and the parts finally arrived. By this time someone from their executive response team had been in touch with me to ensure that the issue was handled. I called them back and set another appointment because the parts were finally in.

Surprise, they were a no show for a third time in a row. I called back and demanded a refund as I could not wait for them to figure things out any more. They refused to refund the money and told me that I would have to file suit against them to get it. I went yesterday and filed a complaint in General Sessions Court, so we will see what a local judge says.

I am a single father with sole custody of 3 children, one who is in treatment for a brain tumor.

I working microwave is a necessity, but they just don’t care. Avoid Sears and their joke of a warranty at all costs.

Monetary Loss: $203.

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