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beware of sears...sears has this 'anti-bullying' program going on, however, let me explain, all sears does is PROMOTE bullying. their managers are children who bully good associates for fun, and the males do this to women who are nice and kind who they can get away with it to.

the Male managers that work in the call centers are bullies pigs and psychos who get off on mistreating good associates, while rewarding loud obnoxious jerks and losers. the sears call center is the worst place to work. they hire only losers and weird *** people, who are fat ugly and dumb and rude to work there, and people who are good associates, they treat like criminals for no reason. the managers literally bully traumatize, abuse and terrorize good employees...the male managers will bully abuse and terrorize female employees.

People need to know what an unethical corrupt and dishonest terrible company this is and all the losers working within the company.

sears doesn't reward honest good hard working associates at all. it gives them NO recognition. it will however, reward, some dumb *** who works there who does nothing important, but they don't reward IMPORTANT things.

instead of rewarding good associates, they harass and bully them for fun while they seem to get off on it. They treat honest good and decent people with disrespect rudeness and abuse. These are the horrible call centers run by lunatics losers and jerks. they enjoy rewarding idiots for nothing while literally terrorizing good associates.

Also sears hires idiots and losers and allows bad customer service and could care less. in fact, the managers are the ones who provide the WORST customer service possible, give no leeway to customers and mistreat them the most. they in fact get mad at associates who want to provide good customer service to customers. the managers are rude abrupt and abusive towards customers and towards GOOD associates only.

Bad associates who are loud obnoxious *** ignorant mean are rewarded and praised and given accolades.

sears is a *** place to work for and the managers are bullies arrogant *** they also injure employees for fun and I hear the males are sleeping with all the slutty women that work there. sears is *** on earth beware of this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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sears believes strongly in anti-bullying yet their call centers and places are full of managers rude people who bully good workers and harass and literally terrorize them for fun. Also the managers are sleeping with the women there...its a disgusting unethical place with filthy low life degenerates there....they are the most arrogant disturbing people to exist.

Also, there are so many loud rude dumb people working there and nothing is done about this, but the managers enjoy harassing nice people and good people who do nothing wrong and treat them as if they've committed a crime or did something bad. ie, they take a minor thing that's not even an issue turn it into something huge and then interrogate criminal style and mistreat a good associate for no reason, while allowing all the thugs losers low lifes and criminals there to do anything they want, yell scream cause problems anything.