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Update by user May 16, 2017

Sears reached out to me in an email and apologized for the poor customer service I received. As far as a refund all they could offer my mother was 10,000 Shop Your Way Bonus points at a value of $10.

It is something but not enough for me to ever shop at Sears or Kmart again.

Kmart & Sears will most likely be gone within the next few years, most of their stores have already closed. No retail store in today's market will survive with such restrictive return policies.

Original review posted by user Apr 15, 2017

My 85 year old mother purchased a purse at Sears on March 9, 2017. After trying the purse she realized that it was to heavy for her shoulder.

She asked me to return it since she cannot get out of the house these days, however being very busy working I was unable to make a trip to Sears until April 12, 2017. I was surprised when the associate refused to give me a refund, store credit or even to allow me to exchange it for something less heavy for my mother. I was passed the Sears 30 day return period by 3 days. I asked to speak to the manager on duty & received the same response from her.

The manager did try to do the refund but the register would not allow her to follow through. I understand Sears has a 30 day return policy but Sears is also a customer service oriented store, at least they use to be. I explained that the refund was for an 85 year old woman, didn't matter. I do not expect special service but there are situations when Sears needs to look outside of the box & make exceptions for customers.

The managers now have no authority to make decisions at their level which is sad. I even went as far to call Sears customer service number. They absolutely refused to do anything for me. The response was "our return policy is very clearly posted".

This is true but the ink on the receipt my mother had was so faded that half the print was unreadable & the refund policy at the store is in tiny print on the side of the registers where even a person with 20/20 vision like myself has a difficult time reading it. Sears has lost their customer service which explains to me why they are closing so many stores. It's just a matter of time before Sears is history. I don't expect anything from Sears by posting this complaint, it is obvious that they do not care about their customers.

Buyer Beware, Sears or K-mart will NOT give you a refund, store credit or exchange of any kind for any item (even if it's just for another color or size) if it is even 1 days past the 30 day period. Go to Wal-mart or Target!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: Location of store, Items.

Sears Cons: Poor return policy, Poor customer service, Signage of 30 day return policy.

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"I do not expect special service but there are situations when Sears needs to look outside of the box & make exceptions for customers." This is called a contradiction, dear.

You say you don't expect special service and turn around and say they should give you special service...

What? Did you even think that through? 30 days applies to you, your mother, me, the president, the queen of England, ALL PEOPLE.

Same policy for every single person who decides to spend their money there. You spend money there, you agree to abide by their return policy.


Ya shame on you . Don't you remember in the 90's when SEARS was busted for lying and cheating the elderly (only) in their auto repair department by claiming false repairs and over charging for minor repairs?

SEARS has told the public in court and through lawsuits they are predators against the elderly ..... why would you think they would change?


Why can't she just carry less things in her purse? Take the rotten hard candies out of your bag, grandma.


If she can't get out of the house, why does she need a new purse?


" I explained that the refund was for an 85 year old"

Well if they give an 85 year old woman a refund that outside the policy, I want a refund for my sad luck too bad story.

Why should her age figure into the mix when it comes to policy?

See how that works?

Let her slide an everyone and their mother will want one for their sad luck story.

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