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We bought a reconditioned refridgerator from Sears Outlet in Millipetas, CA in Feb 2010. We accepted that it was a reconditoned model and was under Sears warranty for 12 months. We paid for delivery. It arrived at our home, with mold in the freezer.

The freezer broke in just over a month. After several long and painful calls to customer service, it was repaired, although we lost a freezer full of food. In another month, it broke again--lost another freezer full of food. We were 1 1/2 weeks without a freezer in warm weather. The repairman deemed it unrepairable this time and promised us Sears would cover the product replacement and delivery, but no more than the purchase price. The Millipetas store had nothing available comparable in price and basics of the first fridge.

After 2 more weeks without a fridge while we searched Sears Outlets Online, we found a comparable model of equal price online, at another outlet. We were then told we had to pay for pick up and delivery of the new model because this store would not cover it.

After speaking to Romeo (who failed miserably to live up to his Shakespearean namesake) in the "customer solutions" section of customer service who said he was the "highest authority" for escalation, we were told that if we paid full price for a new model, of course we could have delivery.

It was evident that he was well trained for his role when he accused us of being too picky because we wanted a fridge we "liked"--when really we wanted the same features as before. He said we should accept anything of equal price from an outlet authorized to deliver. (Where's the list?)

Way to go Sears! In this economy, that's what everyone likes to hear!

Now, we've been a month without a fridge in hot California weather and two young children. In only six months, after having bought a reconditioned fridge from a Sears Outlet in California, it will have been non-functioning for 6 weeks and we will pay for delivery THREE times (the original delivery, plus delivering the broken model to the next store, plus playing to pick up the new model).

I will never, ever, buy a Sears appliance, especially a reconditioned appliance again. Regardless of reconditioning, Sears should stand by its 12 month guarantee and it's name, regardless of which outlet it's products come from.

Don't buy a Sears Outlet reconditioned or floor model--especially if you plan on saving money. A false economy and a name I no longer trust: Sears.

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Bought a refrigerator from Sears outlet that was returned and tested. That was 20 years ago and it's doing great.

Bought a new Electrolux French door new from sears (very expensive): had the control panel replaced; ice machine broke; and now only the freezer works (the refrigerator is 60 deg.) and it's only 9 years old... So now we Just bought a "returned and tested" Samsung french door and bought the extended warranty.

We will see how this one does (it looked and smelled new; still has all the plastic protection on the inside, etc. Had a ding or two on the front (stainless), but that is OK with me.


Don't buy items that had been repaired at Sears, they are stealing your money. I happened to me twice. Learned my lesson the hard way.


your an ***. why are they stealing your money ? Did you buy something used, or you had a tech out ?


This is the risk you assume when you decide to be cheap and buy used appliances.


Wow! All I can say is THANK YOU!

Not only did your review save me aggravation, it saved time & energy. I am disabled & going to their store would have been a hassle...thx for saving me the trip.


OMG!!! our refrigerator just died on us.

We went to the Sears Outlet and saw several refrigerators we liked. After visiting Home Depot next door we decided to buy the Sears Outlet refrigerator, as we were getting ready to pay for it my husband asked the sales person, there is nothing wrong with the refrigerator except for cosmetic damage correct? And his response “we don’t know why the refrigerator was returned but it was looked at and it’s working. Is the refrigerator refurbished?

my husband asked. “we don’t know why the refrigerator was returned but it was looked at and it’s working” was the response. We said thank you walked out and right into the Home Depot and purchased our NEW refrigerator .

Never will we buy from Sears Outlet.


4/1/2014 Amen from Tampa,FL. Wish I'd read this before I bought a refurb fridge from them in September 2013.

Have had service six times in seven months. If you MUST buy a refurb from them, get the extra warranty that gives you a replacement after 4 service calls (and covers the cost of your ruined food.) Although I'm pretty sure you will be on hold, transferred, asked to reconfirm your identity, & have to jump through numerous hoops to get them to honor it. Plan to take the day off work for the "service window" and to field the calls offering you free consultations for roofing, siding, windows, etc.

Sears is dying and this is why. Learn from my mistake and seek other options if possible.


After reading all of these comments I am going to Lowes, or Home Depot. I was getting ready to get in the car. Good thing I had seen this.


I saw a returned fridge at Lowes.the inside was dirty and smelt funky.no one could answer any quwstions


For the life of me, i cannot even figure out how to tell the *** sears website that I want a new appliance. All they show me are reconditioned appliances.

Where in the heck is the option checkbox to say "new" only.

The only thing i see is "my price" and you have to click on the "my price" only to see that it is reconditioned. Ugh


Good info! I was just online researching Rec.

refrige. Considering Sears Outlet!

100% just changed my mind. Thank you California and sorry for the trouble you had to go through.


We live in the next town over from Danville. We bought a new fridge from Sears and after the delivery men left we noticed the door was dented.

We know we are in for a battle.

Avoid Sears at all costs! :(


Thanks for the review, I was seriously considering buying a recon through the Sears Outlet. After reading your story it doesn't seem worth the savings...


Thank you for your honest review & taking the time. After reading this review I am definetly reconsidering buying from Sears.

I was alset to go get my new fridge from them this week. I would rather spend more money at a store with good customer service that stands behind thier product and is concerned about the thier customers. Sears just lost another sale over bad customer service.

I've had too many of those myself to look for another. Thank you!


I was considering buying a reconditioned refrigerator from Sears -- but after having experienced a Sears service call that kept getting delayed far beyond the date and was subbed out, and your complaint, I know that they have lost good management who would know that they can't keep getting business if they keep losing it. I love that we can look up a companies reviews and avoid the ones that think they can get away with this kind of customer treatment.