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Update by user May 12, 2018

"In House" ;)

Update by user May 12, 2018

Update: Thank YOU, I applaud and congratulate you for TAKING UP OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY.

Pray forgive the expletives of some of the language. The angst is in in frustration, and I am pleased that you at has undertaken the mantle.

Be well, and farewell forever! Carpe Diem

Update by user May 12, 2018

UPDATE: Dear Pissed Consumer, This will undoubtedly take some time and apostasy to render a proper conclusion as to your own business practices and the curbing of data which is beneficial to all consumers. I trust that you completely understand what I am inferring to presently.

I completely understand where and what you are inferring and are subjected to forthwith. However, as a dead pan vocal internet sensation, (e.g. a "bubble burst" like the fiasco of the mid to late 1990's)---perhaps you need to address the formidable impact of research, delegation, legal computing and analysis that awaits you and all of us by retaining the complaining factor and moderating it to abuse the legal and rightful nature of every soul who posts ANYTHING to your webpage. I have also thoroughly researched and assessed who and WHAT you really ARE, and find it incredulous, disenfranchising and deplorable that you yourselves would use and abuse those rights and privileges afforded by both the BBB and the FTC to find legal assistance and encourage favorable ends for everyone who came to you truthfully and rightfully to express the freedom of speech.

Yet, morally and LEGALLY Pissed, you are QUASHING that very mechanism. By your DELIBERATE manipulating and "editing" data ---whatever you as an entity may see as "fit", is really a lobbying of your own services at a major cost to everyone who agrees to the terms and conditions. Perhaps you should affix and devote your attention to the EEOC, which in accordance of Federal Law, your entity has engaged in that informal DISCRIMINATION, and, unfortunately, for you, these instances have been reported to EEOC, (who is under the umbrella of the Dept of Justice, (DoJ). I do have a direct relative who works for the DoJ, and I have directed his intelligence and attention to the undermining of what pissed is alleging, purveying and misusing against the very consumers who come to you to vent their problems and frustration.

Discrimination and censorship (whilst in allegatitory herein) should be ENOUGH to curb your own leashes and step up. Take RESPONSIBILITY for what you are doing. I will not project or infer anything else, forthwith. Remember well what pissed consumer has started, and find the guts to step up where we all have.

Due to the nature and scope of my own frustrations with your entity, as I outlined, there are several intelligences (state, local, federal and counter intellengences with every key stroke WE ALL MAKE.

Do the RIGHT THING and STOP EXPLOITING EVERYONE who comes to you for assistance so that you GAIN attentions/exemptions/and financial kick backs and gains. Congratulations!

Update by user May 11, 2018

This article posted in March 2017 was the starting point. Remember, your perceptions will align with your suspicions, and was predicated well before.

Thanks for listening, and its time to go to work! Be well!

Update by user May 11, 2018

UPDATE: Your impact and your experiences with SHC has been raised to a level of "awareness"----and I believe it is highly favorable for many of you who took the initiative to pursue the problems and antagonism we all have encountered. Speculation aside, look forward to seeing your issues accelerated and tended to, intermediately, and notably, today ESPECIALLY.

Your time, practice, persistence and patience has paid off! Although we all are witnessing a retail revolution, and the severe upswings and plummets market wise, media wise, and socially, it is in the economic preponderance that will grant each consumer the right to express those issues legally. Consequentially, intervention by federal, state and other local entities is well underway, and that 'pressure' has finally given way to listening and tackling the real nature of this mess. Your efforts and attempts to correct the situation is NOW well underway!

As a subjective opinion, as this is, the truth in result has formulated in addressing the Three Point Truth Trajectory: Our side, their side and the Truth. Keeping watching and monitoring....the best, truly now is yours.

Wait for it, for today, it shall surely come to pass. -----Rash Adelie Penquin

Original review posted by user May 10, 2018

Please note the following CWA has undertaken concerning the predicament of call centers moving off shore. Great information regarding what I did in my previous God given abilities to assist others while presently:

Call Center Legislative update

Take Care


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Dear Pissed Consumer:Thank you for taking the time to review, assess and conduct your business practices in alignment with FTC. The Federal Trade Commission has recently passed legislation concerning consumer reviews regarding any business, as well as how we interact with them.

The Consumer Review Fairness Act grants the flexibility, honesty and expression of honest and fair conduct in your company's monitoring and posting of reviews. I do believe that your entity @pissedconsumer has and can continue to be greatly benefited from these guidelines, practices and protections: you, Pissed Consumer for stepping up and assisting your reviewers the correct and legal avenues for support, assistance and guidance.