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I'll try. to keep it short. I needed more freezer space. Sears had a sale of freezers so I found a nice 15 Cubic square foot one and purchased it. The saleswoman was awesome and I figured I'd pay to have them deliver it cause I somehow doubt that I could carry it by myself. Delivery was set for the next day (today) and the saleswoman said that the delivery people would contact me to set up a delivery time.

I did get a call that I missed due to being in the shower and they chose a time at perhaps the one time that wouldn't work (9:00-11:00 AM). In the voice message they also said that they were closing and to call the next day if there was any issue with the time and so I did at 7:30 am only to be told that they could in fact NOT change the time and that I would have to make arrangements to be here. Upon my protests I was transferred to another person (not another department mind you, nor was it a supervisor). After being told the same thing again, I requested that my sale be canceled all together. The representative then said that I was being a difficult "***" (yes she called me an ***) and that I needed to make arrangements. I requested to speak to her supervisor. She refused. She also refused to give me her employee ID number for some time or her name. She eventually gave me the following information, employee ID 51023292505. She claimed her name was Linda, yet her voice did not sound remotely like a woman's so I am not even sure if any of the information that was given is eve true. She still refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor and informed me that a new delivery fee would be assessed if I was not here to receive delivery.

What happened to Sears, it used to be a great company that took care of its customers.

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Sears is no longer around. It is all K-mart now.

Corporate center phone number is 847-286-2500. That is the corporate office number.

Corp. complaint center is 1-800-795-5030

The Ceo is Eddie Lampert. He lives in Florida somewhere.

Good luck