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I went to Kildonan Sears in Winnipeg to buy 3 bin bagger. They had two in stock, both were damaged.

They said they would order one and should get the bagger in a week. Okay! Week and a half later I got nothing. I phoned in.

The guy promised to find it out. So he never called me back and started to ignore my phone calls. I phoned customer support, they could not locate my order and suggested to go back to the store. I hate it.

I understand that could be unforeseen problems but I would have peace of mind if I knew what's happening and when. Three weeks later I went to the store to discover that my bagger was damaged and showed me two more baggers with the same damage. That is FIVE baggers with identical damage to the top plastic cover because of poor packaging(plastic cover is right against the capboard box wall and no insullation. ***!) It's okay I guess, the customer will pay for it eventually.

What I waste of money.

I am quite disatisfied with that kind of service (ignoring phone calls) and thinking whether to proceed with getting the bagger because of cheap plastic that can not even get to the store in good shape.

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One would think that if they are selling merchandise that has damage (as long as it still works and does the job its intended) they would mark it down/discount it, instead of selling it for the regular price. :x

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