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Fridge went out on August 21 or 22nd called lady will put me on emergency call ASAP and they will call me the next day at 8am and let me know when they can look at the fridge. Next day no one called ,I called again that day and they couldn’t give me a day ,spoke again then they said the Sept 16 I said no way it needs to be looked at now ,everything is spoiling.

then they give me a day August 29th.I am so upset with this company. then they say I need extended coverage for the food

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Pay for my food that I lost.

Sears Pros: Willingness to help find solutions, Too long for someone to come ou.

  • Sears bad customer service
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I understand your pain! I bought the Master Protection Plan on all my appliances for the last nine years and when something big happened like the ice maker didn't shut off and I came home to a kitchen full of water it took 2 weeks before they came to just see what the problem was then another 2 weeks for repair.

I had extensive damage $3700 to flooring as the laminate had been discontinued so 2 rooms had to be repaired . They have done nothing ! Got yelled at for turning in my food loss and I got mad and hung up on her. This happened in March and flooring just got replaced yesterday .

I had to turn it into my insurance so with my deductible taken out I owned the rest as Sears has never gotten back with my insurance. Since this has happened I replaced my Sears Washer and dryer with a Speed Queen and in the process of replacing Fridge with an Amana from my home town appliance store.

Sears keeps calling wanting me to purchase another Protection plan as mine expired this month I refuse to answer the phone as I will go off on them. Sears will offer some good prices but buyer beware they offer horrible customer service and don't stand behind their Master Protection plans as I could of bought several new appliances with what I spent on their plans Buyer Beware don't let them suck you in !

Lee A

Sounds similar to my experience. My (1 yr old) freezer thawed out one nite.

Called next day, appt for a WEEK later! Tech calls just before coming over and I explain situation and that when freezer, then fridge next day stopped being cold, I unplugged the fridge because we were going out of town. (I didn’t know if electrical issue). So they had to reschedule appt because it Has to be running when they look at it.

Ugh. Then fridge starts running a couple days later. He comes out for apt I explain its started working. So he double checked everything.

Said to keep eye on it that it may quit agin. He said call for reimbursement for food loss. So I do..... DENIED!!’ Denied because tech wrote in notes that I unplugged the fridge and when plugged back in?

It worked!!!! Talk about scam to not pay for what is rightfully the there’s. There was another person sayin similar story.

I’m so annoyed that sears can just do this to people! I


They took 3 months to fix my 1 year new Kenmore fridge. Once you have the parts you can try expediting the service time by checking their online system - I just kept checking for cancellations every hour and then grabbed earlier service times.


We lost well over $400 in food when our refrigerator compressor went out. It took Sears three months almost to the day to repair it.

We have the Master Protection Plan, for which we paid $399. There is a $300 limit on claims so I filed a claim for $297, which was as close as I could get to the $300 (you have to itemize everything and attach a worth to it).

We were sent a check for $184. When I called about it, I was told they reserve the right to deduct a certain percentage of the claim.

Lee A

Oh that’s pathetic! How do they just get to do these things!?!

They wouldn’t reimburse me mh food loss.

We have same coverage as you And they denied it because tech stated sis I unplugged the fridge and when I plugged back in, it worked!!! lol this is so aggravating.

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