We received a letter from sears saying they had canceled our credit card.I called sears accounting and was told my credit score had changed and they canceled our card.Now mind you we were not late with any payments and our account was up to date.I even ask the gal I spoke with if we ever had any late payments and was told no.

We had been a Sears consumer for over 25 years and had spent 1000's of dollars with them even with there products declining in quality (ALOT).

Since, we have payed off our account (we did make sure we had a few late payments to make us feel better)and have never set foot in there stores since and never will.

So to shoppers of sears beware,Sears has no loyalty to there consumer's.

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My Sears/Citibank Mastercard was also cancelled. I have never paid late or even carried a balance.

I paid the entire balance off each month, every month and on time as well. I tried to make a charge a pet food store and was told my card wasn't working. I called Sears when I got home and was told my account was because of "fraudulent access". They verified my recent purchases and told me a new account would be opened with a new account number.

When asked why I wasn't contacted via telephone or Email, they had no answer.

I told them to *uck off and shove their new card. I am a building contractor and have bought nearly $100,000 in appliances for my homes from Sears, I will now take my business elsewhere.


come on your credit score went down and it is sears fault?

CITI Bank is the credit card company they have nothing to do with the Sears store

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