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I purchased 2 products on 02/15/2015 from that were to arrive by 02/20/2015. on 02/17/2015 I received an email from sears stating my order had shipped with a tracking number for my order.

On 02/19/2015 When I tracked my package on the UPS website, it stated that a label had been created however the item had not shipped. On 02/19/15 I called sears to confirm that my order would arrive by 02/20/2015, at which time the person I spoke with stated she would have to contact the outside vendor to confirm when I would receive the item. The person I spoke with stated she called the outside vendor twice and did not get an answer. I advised the person at sears that I needed to cancel my order since the items were a gift that I needed by Friday.

The person canceled my order and stated I would receive a refund in 24-48 hours. I received a phone call from the vendor a few hours later who advised me he was going to next day my order if I was still interested. I advised the vendor I wanted to cancel my order and he stated the order would be canceled. On 02/20/2015 at 8:30 at night, I received an email from sears stating they were unable to cancel my order and the items were shipped and due to arrive at my residence on 02/20/15.

I contacted sears and advised them the order was not at my residence and I had canceled it the day before. The person I spoke with told me I would have to wait 24-48 hours to receive an email confirming the item had not been shipped. on 02/23/15 I contacted sears and spoke with a subject who stated I would have to wait until the item was returned before I could get my refund. I advised the subject the order was canceled on 02/19/2015 and I had never received the items.

I asked to subject to contact the vendor to confirm the items were canceled. The subject did not want to contact the vendor but did so after I requested him to 3 times. The subject stated he tried to contact the vendor however he did not receive an answer. The subject advised that he would be sending my claim over to the offline department and they will investigate the claim.

The subject also stated once my refund was approved it would take 5-7 business days before I would receive my money back. I got off the phone and contacted the vendor myself who answered my call and stated he had canceled the order and authorized a refund on 02/19/2015.

I called sears back and advised them of this information however they refused to contact the vendor at that time. I will never do any business with this company again.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have a similar complaint. I ordered a dishwasher over the phone because I was told it was in stock.

I arrived and told they didn't have it. I immediately called to cancel the order which I did and received and email confirmation of the cancellation.

4 days later I called back k and was told they made a mistake and we're extremely sorry for there mess up and would issue me a refund within 24 hours.

7 days later with calls everyday I'm now told the order has not been cancelled, but they will do it immediately.

It will take 48 hours for that to process and then I an expect a refund in 3-5 business days.

So 3 weeks after Sears took my money, I "might" have it.

I will never shop at Sears again, and recommend that with the company probably going out of business soon, you not either.