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On 9/13 I placed a tv on layaway through the Sears website, then immediately after i paid the initial payment I received an email stating the layaway had been cancelled because the item was not available. So I proceeded to place another TV on layaway expecting that I wouldn't have been charged since it was cancelled right away, or that they would return any funds charged to my card right away.

Well yesterday 9/24 I called Sears customer service, I explain my issue and I am told that is handled by the store and not customer service, even though it was an online layaway. They go to transfer me to the store, after a long hold my call is disconnected. I call back a second time, explain the situation and I am once again told that it is handled by the store, so once again I am put on a long hold, this time someone in the store picks up, I have to explain the situation again as the person who transferred me did not provide any information to the store when they transferred me. I am placed on hold while a manager is contacted, while on hold my call gets disconnected again.

I call customer service a third time, explain the situation again, the girl in customer service does not ask for any information to access my account, and simply tells me to go to the store, it nearly took an act of congress to get her to agree to transfer me, I asked that she explain the situation to the manager when transferring me to the store, of course she does not. I get transferred to hardware, and have to request a manager. I explain to the manager the situation only to be told it is not handled by the store and I would have to call customer service. After explaining to the store manager my ordeal with customer service he asks me to print out the paperwork showing the order was cancelled and come to the store.

I get to store and provide the assistant manager who I had spoke with my paperwork, and he tries to access the information in the system, but since the order is cancelled he cannot do anything. He calls customer service, and after about a half an hour on the phone, and a look of confusion, he tells me they are going to open a ticket, and that i should have received my refund within 3-5 business days of when they cancelled the layaway. He went on to explain that no one could explain why I had not received my refund, and told me I would need to wait another 7 business days. So after an hour and a half on the phone, and about an hour in store I am apparently no closer to having a refund, and no one seems to be able to explain why it has taken so long.

After the layaway was cancelled I never even received information as to how they would process the refund. So besides the lack of a refund, there has been an utter lack of communication as to how a refund would even be processed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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