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Sears had a really good sale on this LG fridge that I've been keeping an eye on. I ordered it on Christmas Day with the soonest delivery date Jan 29th. That was fine since we will not move into our new house until February 5th. The week and the day before January 30th (which is what I picked for delivery time) I received two calls confirming my delivery and giving me my two hours window.

January 29th we waited in an empty house for two hours, when they didn't show up I called and found out they had canceled my delivery because they were out of stock from the warehouse. When I called they keep blaming the warehouse for the shortage but no rep would admit they were wrong for not notifying me for the cancellation.

Later on they reschedule my delivery to February 5th. We will be busy moving but we thought its doable. February 3rd I receive a call confirming the order but February 4th I did not receive a call for my two hour windows.

Called the delivery department and found out they canceled my delivery again due to bad weather, again without notifying me. It really pissed me off how they are so unhelpful and are not willing to help you.

They said I need to call again the next day to talk to the warehouse. I can't believe that they took my hard earned money already when I order the fridge and do not deliver me the merchandise as promised.

They said they will send me a $70 gift card to cover the cost of shipping (that amount I only receive after a long argument of getting my shipping charge refunded, they will only comp you for $25 the "max". BS!) I won't hold my breath, I will believe it only when I receive the gift card in my hand.

If they cannot deliver my fridge soon I will need to cancel the order and just buy it from someone else. Sigh....

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