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What happened to Sears? They have changed for the worse, does Kmart have something to do with that? I have several complaints about Sears from the appliances, home service, & merchandise shopping.

I'll start with my most recent Christmas shopping experience. I bought clothes for my kids, I spent about $450. The next day my daughters hello kitty sweat pants ripped, I went to exchange them and noticed everything I bought the day before was now 60% off. I asked for a price adjustment, the cashier didn't know how to do a price adjustment. I waited for a manager, which took about 20 minutes for her to get there. She did the price adjustment. There were a few items that weren't adjusted, she said they were still the same price.

I went on my way to shop some more and bought my husband some work clothes. On my way out of the store I noticed that 4 shirts I bought for my daughter were 60% off, the manager didn't adjust these earlier, my guess is that she didn't feel like doing it & just lied to me that they weren't on sale. I asked the cashier for a price adjustment again, of course they are not trained and have to call a manager. Ah, wait another 20 minutes for her to show up? I don't think so, I waited 5 minutes and left. Forget it, its not worth my time to wait. not only did I get cheated out of a price adjustment, but the cashier never took my kidadvantage 15% off coupon.

Now over in the mens dept. I had a coupon for $5 off which I forgot to print, I informed the cashier I had this coupon but forgot it. He told me to bring coupon back with my reciept to get the $5.00 back.

Now, this is where it gets really screwed up. 3 days later I return to Sears to return the hat & glove set and buy more work clothes. Its Christmas week & I expect to wait in line. There was 3 cashiers and one line. Its my turn. The girl calls me over I tell her I have a return and a purchase. She tells me that she doesn't do returns and I have to wait in line again and have the guy wait on me.

So now I'm in line again waiting for the guy cashier who turned out to be a sneaky rat. I tell him I have a return and a purchase. He returns the hat & glove set & rings up everything else. I tell him on my last order the socks rung up wrong & that I have a coupon for $5 that the other cashier told me to bring in. He told me I couldn't use that $5 coupon, that the other cashier made a mistake, then he told me he'd have to call a manager to price adjust the socks, which he never did call.

So now my order is rung up & I have a coupon from yesterdays order that printed with my reciept for $10 off $50. He tells me that I can't use that on an exchange. I said what exchange? I returned the hat for a refund there is no exchange involved here. He told me well I returned the hat and rung up your order, the computer thinks its an exchange there is nothing I can do about it. I tell him void everything out and return my hat seperate from my purchase. He does, but then tricks me into signing up for a credit card.

He told me I can save you $10 for signing up with a sears card. I told him I already have a card and that I will be using my debit card. He keeps on insisting I get this card. I told him no, I do not want any of my purchases on a credit card, I use my debit card and my stuff is paid for. He insists on checking & doesn't seem to believe I have a sears card. He keeps insisting that he will save me $10 in under one minute, by checking my Sears card and that I will have no credit card balance. I put my ssn into the credit card machine for him to check.

He has me sign a paper to get $10 off, which btw was a credit app for a different type of Sears card. Now he says ok we are going to pay this off. I give him my debit card, which I did tell him I would be using. He told me you can't pay a credit card off with a credit card.(and as he said that he tried to mumble the word credit card, as he was trying to make it look like I wasn't nsigning up for a credit card) Now I'm pissed that I am going to have another credit card & it has a balance.

He explained it that I sign up, pay off and cancel all in one shot, didn't happen that way. He knows I'm mad and aggravatted. He gives a little laugh well I saved you $10.00 were all good now right? I told him I had my own coupon to save $10 anyways. Besides that the socks I bought the other day are still ringing up wrong. I got cheated on that order and this order. He offered to call a manager, I left I wasted enough time in that *** store. After getting home and looking everything over he never took my $10 off with my coupon. MF! I am just going to return the socks that were $17 each & never shop there again.

In all Sears cashiers do not know how to do price adjustments & they will do whatever it takes to get you signed up on a credit card. They must be getting some bonus to sign people up. This cashier was a little snake. What kind of person tricks someone in to a credit card when you tell them you don't want another cc? I will be cancelling that card also. and not only that one, but my other Sears card as well.

I will be posting my other complaints seperatly since this one was so long.

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First of all as a former cashier NOT for sears but for another company, it's not that we do not KNOW how to do certain tasks its that we are NOT allowed too. Sometimes customers come to the WRONG LINES, Because returns/exchanges should be done in a specific line or department NOT in the actual purchasing line.


I'm a sears employee in Ohio and I have to say that this is completely false. I've worked there two weeks today, and I know how to make a price adjustment.

What this man did to sign you up for a credit card is wrong. He should have been straight with you about the card. sorry he did that to you but not all cashiers at Sears are as *** as you seem to make us out to be.

I am an honor roll student who also manages my own business in addition to my job at Sears. I'd appreciate you don't call ALL cashiers *** when you have one bad expierence.


It's not a bonus for getting a credit app so much as it is that he'll get fired if he doesn't get 1 every hour.


You are insane.




I hate to this say but I work at Sears and basically, our jobs are on the line if we don't get people to sign up for credit cards. We are told every day that either we will get fired or sent home if we don't get credit apps for that day.

If our numbers are low for the week, we get next to zero hours for the following week until we bring our numbers up. I am currently looking for another job but this is the reality of Sears right now. The managers care nothing about customer service. All they care about is credit apps.

This is the truth. If I didn't need this job so badly, I would have walked out after the first month.

Sorry you had such a bad experience. But this is the story from this side of the register.


ya this *** is a dumb ***


I used to work there, could not tolerate it. They pay 7.25$ per hour.

They push toward shop your way and credit cards big time. Managers are not friendely at all.

They are not one team. No wonder many sears closed out already.


I used to work there, could not tolerate it. They pay 7.25$ per hour.

They push toward shop your way and credit cards big time. Managers are not friendely at all.

They are not one team. No wonder many sears closed out already.


As an Associate of Sears I must say that the store you visited must have been really busy or is just poorly managed. The sad thing about Sears is that Yes; unfortunately for the Cashiers we are required to meet a quota for the Sears Charge Card and the Sears Mastercard. If you do not meet their expectations you are either given little hours to the point you're forced to quit or are fired right off.

I must say that after working for Sears I too am very dissappointed. I thought that it would be a nice job where I could truly help and please the customers I come into contact with. Though I do that most of the time it's hard when my manager is lecturing me and threatening me because I'm not being deceptive in opening up rewards without the customer knowing and/or selling charge cards for Sears Holdings.

Many customers get angry with us, the Cashiers but unfortunately we are just doing what we are told to and in a sense forced to. I live in a State where the unemployment has been the highest than the National rating for many years and I have tried getting other jobs. But I have bills and food to buy as well.

If you, the customer is truly angry with your experience I suggest you not get so angry with the Cashier only, but with the entire Corporation as a whole. We are just doing what we have to in order to maintain our employment. It is very sad but I suppose the only way something can change is by changing the way Sears does it's business and it's employment morals.

Also, for the Cashier's we're required to do the work of 3-5 people and we are only paid minimum wage. While I see commission workers at Sears whom do nothing but talk a little to the customer and makes me ring them up with their number to get the sale which I'm supposed to do and they get paid 5-10 times more than myself.

Sears is just a corporation. It is a bad entity for the customer and for the Cashiers. It truly is a very hard place to work at. But as I said desperate times call for desperate measures.


I agree, and I work there. We are untrained because we are given computer training! It does not prepare us for what comes ahead. The training consisted of telling me what did the credit cards offer and how to push Shop Your Way Rewards.

Then, we shadow other cashiers for 2 days. This shadowing consist of the more trained cashier ignoring us newbies and taking OUR credit sales or whatever. Its a dog eat dog environment for us cashiers.

The turnover rate is extremely high, each cashier lasting about 3 months before they quit or get fired.

The reward for that sneaky employee is $2-$4 added to his paycheck for selling these *** credit cards.

I am quitting Sears because I can't help but feel like I'm working for the devil. Pushing credit cards on consumer! These credit cards have 25% APR on them!! They're *** crazy, and those sneaky cashiers know it. They won't show you the disclosure form, they'll put it in your bag hoping you won't see it until you get home.



i know what you mean. today i was at sears and i gave them my sears credit , i did the purchase.

I went outside and was waiting for the light.while waiting for the light i was checking my pockets and bags and i realize that i dont have my credit i go back in and i tell the cashiers that that they didn't return it to me. they insist that they did but they were smiling (evil smile). Then i go and check again i don't find it all they gave me was the receipt. they said they did.

at that moment i asked them for the place to cancel and no its canceled.

and they have some *** *** cashiers at the front they looked like dumb *** strippers. And i am not kidding.


Dear Hadenough02,

It is disappointing to read about the service that you have recently experienced with your local Sears store. I can assure you the service provided is not acceptable and we would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss your concerns. It is our goal at Sears to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and we have clearly not done so for you. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Executive team and we are here for assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so we can further discuss your concerns. Please provide us a contact number and we will call you at your convenience. In addition please include your screen name (Hadenough02) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

Thank you,

David V.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares


Reply to comment by Really

So you think 20 min. to wait for a manager to do the cashiers job is acceptable? and not only once, but 4 times?

Its not my problem the cashiers aren't trained to do their job or that the upc codes are not in the system correctly. If Sears needs a manager to do everything at the registers, then maybe one should be standing there holding the cashiers hand at all times.

So you think its ok for a cashier to tell a customer to bring the coupon back with receipt then don't accept it.

So you think it is ok that the cashier doesn't use the coupon you give them while making a purchase.

So you think it is ok for a cashier to tell a customer that they no longer have a sears credit card when they do. (oh maybe it got cancelled due to being inactive) Lie!

So you think it is ok for a customer to wait in a long line to return a purchase only to be told that they have to wait in line again & go to a different cashier because they don't know how to return an item?

Sounds to me like you are the cashier or you have no idea what customer service means.


Maybe you should read the entire post before making a comment.


You think managers should magically appear the second they're called? And you think YOU not printing a coupon is the store's fault?

And you think they "tricked" you into signing up for a card? The only problem I see is that you're an ***.