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We purchased a Sears refrigerator and discovered within a few days that the freezer section formed frost (it was suppose to be frost free) and it leaked cold air. We asked to get it fixed.

A technician did come out and showed me on his laptop that the leaky freezer was a common problem with this freezer. He did the recommended fix. It did not work and the freezer section continued to accumulate frost and it leaked cold air. We asked to return the refrigerator and get our money back.

What an ordeal! They stated that it was past the 30 day warranty. We pointed out that we complained about the issue before the 30 days and it was their slow service response. Eventually the did agree to give us out money back.

They even sent us a confirmation email that showed the correct amount of money to be returned to us. After a week, a credit did show up on our account but it was $99.75 less than the amount that had been confirmed in the email There was no explanation. After more phone calls, (I have all the calls documented) we finally got an explanation that it was a restocking fee -- so Sears restocked a defective refrigerator!!!

That is unethical and should be against the law. We complained to our credit card company (Sears credit card!) and after more phone calls (again documented) they eventually agreed that there was a restocking fee (for a defective refrigerator).

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Thanks for the heads up... Don't need the drama with Sears.

I'll be looking elsewhere for my next refrigerator.

With such a despicable customer service department .

It won't be long before Sears ends up being nothing more than a footnote in retail history. Just like Montgomery Wards!!!

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