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I bought Kenmore's top of the line products: the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and oven hood for my kitchen. I recently had to have the refrigerator worked on again which is now 3 years old.

This time when the repairman shows up he says that the ceiling has dropped in the freezer which Kenmore is aware of and they are to fix it with this repair kit when they come across this problem. What happens when the ceiling drops moisture gets in behind the walls and freezes up the fan motors. This is what happened with my freezer. Here is where I got upset. There are two fan motors located in this area. The one in the back center is the one that they say goes bad the most with this problem but in my case it was the one on the back left side (circulating fan) that went bad instead. The service tech said that Kenmore would cover this problem under what they refer to as a "Service Flash", if it was the other fan. (To bad for me) He noted the following on his report: The circulating fan was encased in ice, caused from the moiture problem, caused by the ceiling falling, which creates the icing. The one in the back is to be replaced at no cost to the consumer but (MY FAN), that was completely encased in ice is to be replaced at the cost of $270.82 (BY ME). That is what I was billed for.

I called Sears the next day as told to do so by the repairman. At this time Sears said it was a manufacturer problem, that I would need to contact Kenmore which they proceeded to give me a number that was not for Kenmore Refrigerator but for there water treatment. The water treatment gives me a number which puts me back to Sears who again gives me the run around. Sears did offer to discount it at $65 of my $270.82 bill. Wow that seems fair. NOT! So this lady proceeds to give me another bogus number for Kenmore.

How is it that Kenmore is one of Sears' biggest product suppliers and you can not get a good phone number from them? I have made the mistake of purchasing an entire kitchen full of Kenmore Elite products that I am now stuck with these headaches until I can afford to replace them once again. Please do not do as I did and think when you purchase the top of line product that you get the top of the line, you just get top price and no help after the sale unless you have a warranty you will get charged again for the top of the line.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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The refrigerator you have is a LG built fridge. The liner issue and fan issue is under SF 46 (recall notices).

This means that the mfg is aware of the problem & SEARS is aware but will not repair the problem until a service call is placed and a tech diag's the problem. The fix for the liner DOES NOT WORK, I have used this fix several times under the order of STAC with no "luck". All the fix is, is 4 plastic threaded sheetrock anchors. As far as I can tell, the fan fix is solid.

As far as SEARS Social Media goes,,,,they have no power in the company whatsoever, they are damage control. You will get the run around. If I were you I would DEMAND a replacement unit and nothing else, or levy a civil case. I am a SEARS tech and I am telling you that if you purchase a MPA,PA or SSA you are in for long waits, no parts, reschedules and even no shows if your appt is in the pm, we are just plain overbooked.

Please be patient with your tech, he is just as aggravated as you are. Thanks for reading.


Dear Peepspaugh,

My name is Scott and I'm with the Sears Social Media Support Team. I found your post here and wanted to offer assistance. I'm terribly sorry to hear of the trouble your Kenmore fridge has caused. I know the run around you then received while trying to find resolution only made matters worse and added to the unpleasantness of the entire situation. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the fridge was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Peepspaugh) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Social Media Support Team


For the record Sears does not manufachuer anything, there kitchen and home appliances, lawn and garden equiptment and tools are all made by other companys.The little kenmore tag is put on or the Craftsman logo.That one reason you can buy what they sell at any other store.You just wont get the Kenmore or Craftsman logo on it.


Kenmore is a brand name which Sears owns, it is not a manufachuer and never has been. Your frig is made by either, LG, Whirpool, GE or Frigadare.They make frig for Sears and put the logo tag Kenmore on them. You can tell who made your Frig by the forst 3 digits of the model number, example if the first 3 digits are 110, that is a Whirpool box, 257 would be Frigadare.