I watched the news (Barbara Walters) the other night and was outraged at Sear's treatment of an American tool manufacturer.I will no longer be shopping at sears.

You had better hope I don't serve on a jury where sears is involved. Alongside a President who appears to pander to every minority, companies like sears are responsible for much of America's woes. There's no doube the CEO is way overcompensated. Thank goodness I bailed out of sears stock some time ago.

If I had a say, I would replace most of your board for failing in their fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders!!!Charles Foster


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What Sears did is horrible.Craftsman used to be American made but no more.

Never will I shop in Sears again and all my friends will know of this terrible thing they have done.:( :( :( :( :( :(


Sears bad...Obama bad, minorities

bad. Republicans lost the election;


I agree that Sears did what Romney used to and it's not good for our

country. Take heed: In 10-12 years

you will be a part of the minority...

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