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We have been trying to get our dish washer repaired by Sears for the last couple of months. The Master Protection Plan for a year will not mean much if you get an appointment that is too far dated. The problem started in the third week of August 2007. We got an appointment after two weeks. Well,that was just the beginning. He ordered new parts and asked us to wait for a few more weeks to get the parts. After three weeks, we got the parts and scheduled an appointment that sears could not keep.

I took a day off for the technician who was supposed come anywhere between 8AM and 5PM. I haven't seen other companies giving a time-window like this. They think their time is so valuable and ours is not. Late in the afternoon, got a call from the routing department that the technician cannot make it. The rep said she will give me a date sooner, but that turned out to be another unkept promise.

Finally, we got the appointment in third week of October. Unfortunately, we missed that date. We paid the price for that, may be a little too much. The next date we got was mid November, again another 8-5pm window. Okay, we thought it was our mistake, let us not complain about it.

Then that November date came. My wife had to be away from home for 30 minutes in the after noon. considering what had happened earlier she decided to be pro-active. She called the customer service at about 9:00 am and toldthat no one will be available between 3:00 and 3:30. They said they will pass it on to the routing department. You guessed it, the technician calledat 2:50 and said he will be coming at 3:00. She told the situation to thetechnician and asked him to come back after 3:30. She came back home at 3:25 to see the note from the technician that there was no one home. I checked with Sears again they said as per their note, the technician came home at 3:40 and there was no one home. Either the technician was lying or the rep! They just don't accept the fact that it was their mistake.

The next date I got was December 13th. They are a bunch of ____ who just don't care about us. Well, I was given another number to report any complaints. But, it did not make any difference. When I told about the long wait, the 'customer care rep' said problems with dish washer take a back seat compared toissues with oven and refrigirator. She said dishwasher may not get the immediate attention. That is a good point and I agreed to it but when I asked her when the problem with it prolongs for something like 2-3 months, don't you think it should get the attention sooner and it cannot take a back seat for ever, she immediately agreed to that but that did not make any difference.

The water is held up the dishwasher and it is nasty. You can see the picture for yourself.

I am fed up with this. Even if the technician comes on Dec 13th, I don't think he/she will be able to fix it right away. Typically they will have toorder the parts and then wait for a few weeks to arrive and then fix it.

It is not worth taking their 'Master Protection Plan'. If you don't get the service in time then what is the point! I am going to buy another dish washer from Home Depot and going to live happily ever after. The Sears customer service is so poor, well, may be there is no such thing as 'sears customer service'. I am going to stop doing business with Sears. I will cancelthe credit card and also cancel the so called Master Protection Plan that literally protects nothing.

Good Bye SEARS...


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