Wellsville, Ohio
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Went in to Steubenville Sears last weekend and all items rang up higher than marked. Cashier was so nice.

She called her manager Chris Miller who is very young & so heavy his stomach rested on his thighes. He was so tired from the little bit of walking he could not breathe. I never met a more arrogant *** in my life. Obviously Chris Miller has never been important in his life.

Kinda like a rental cop. The cashier was very nice & apologized. She explained how he would hit on the younger cashiers & was really out of hand. One of the girls that worked under him who was gorgeous quit because of his advances.

Chris Miller get a life & being a manager at sears is not much better than being a greeter at Walmart. Lay off the donuts

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Unless you are of color Stephanie Barcus treats you like ***. She had her token cracker friends big Laci Salero but she got hired to clean up after old people


Unless you are black or have black kids the new human resource lady is prejudice against you. She thinks she is black but only her kids & her black ***.

Whites & blacks should be treated equally


As far as the person who is pissed about having to get credit apps to get hours. Thats the way it should be.

Thats your JOB! If you want easy work goto McDonlads you are there to meet a goal.

Thats life. If I was your boss i would fire you for being an ***.


Sears corporate policy is that if something is marked wrong not only is the customer to get the sale price but $5 for the price not being correct. Chris miller at Sears in Steubenville does not give the customer the $5 but he keeps it himself.

Chris Miller brags on Facebook on how much money he skims from the company yet he is a manager. Dont hide behind the lord we can still see you


Be sure to check out the above site!


Atleast he's not a little ***. I hope he grabs some *** for me!

And as for as the loser who made this original complaint, the style and the fact you have nothing better to do with your life than complain on some message board, which will do nothing, but maybe risk you to be sued, says more about you, than it does about Miller. It's pretty bad when you have to pick on rent a cops and walmart greeters to boost your ego.


Chris Miller at Sears is horrible to work with. He needs to take a mint.

He is a close talking & is always playing on facebook when he is supposed to be working rather than harrass the younger cashiers.

It is a job not a place to pick up woman. Hate managers who try to use the litter power they have foe sex


Chris Miller use to be my manager & he would demand credit apps for us to get hours. TO the point where he would have use tell older people to put their SS number on the screen to give them $15 off.

Chris is unethical in his business practice. He complains about his job to customers very unprofessional & is so jealous of his manager Donna it is sick


:( Miller when first started told people in electronics to clean all the plasma TVs with Windex. He does hit on all the cashiers. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer