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I purchased a stove at Sears and was told the price was low because it was a close out. However, when I went to pick it up, the service man brought out a stove with a large dent.

When I said it was damaged and I was expecting a stove in new condition, not dented, I was told to take it up with the salesman. The salesman told me it was a closeout and closeouts include scratched and dented merchandise. The dent was never brought to my attention as my daughter, who was with me at the time, can verify. I would not have been interested had I been told it was dented.

The salesman implied that it was on sale as a closeout, which I consider as the last of a particular model, not damaged goods, when I purchased it. After not getting satisfaction, I asked to speak with the manager. The manager pretty much told me the same as the salesman did. She did offer the same model discounted by $100, but that is not satisfactory to me considering it was implied that the stove I purchased was indeed a closeout and not damaged.

I took a refund as a last resort. Still not happy with the situation, I called a Sears complaint number. The woman that I spoke with told me the same thing that the salesman and manager told me. I was not satisfied with what she was telling me, so she called and spoke with the manager I spoke with earlier.

The only resolution they offered was to give a 15% discount on a new stove. I feel the stove was misrepresented to me at the time of the sale and I should be offered a new, undamaged stove at the price I originally paid. I WILL NOT be doing business with Sears in the future. I have purchased a lot of merchandise at Sears over the years and think it foolish of them to lose a good customer over a $260.

difference. So much for being a loyal customer.

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