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In August of 2014, I purchased a Kenmore stovetop from Sears. On August 12th of 2014, the stove was installed by Serob Abeshyan, and I was under impression that he is working for Sears because the paperwork that I signed, on top of the paper, it said "sears". But later on, I realized that at the bottom of the paper work, written in very small, font, it said he is working for Kepco. He charged me $130 for wood fills and $57 for gas flex. This was a total of $187 charged to my Credit Card. Shortly after he was gone, I smelled gas. I contacted Serob on my cell phone and the records through T-MOBILE, show that I made a call to him and I told him that I smell a gas leak. He did come back, and he said that he fixed the problem and said that I shouldn’t have any more problems. I asked him if he has a device to check to see that if there is any smell of gas, and he said that he does not have the device, and only the gas company has the device. Meanwhile, my Wife did smell gas on and off. Before any of this installation of the stove top, I never smelled any kind of gas in my house. After changing the stove, this is when the gas smell started to occur. I had the impression that I am only dealing with Sears. I did call Sears Repair Department and I told them that there is a smell of gas. They made me aware that the stove and installation is under one year warranty. They also told me that I have nothing to worry about. Finally, I don’t know what made the smell of gas more obvious or less, so I called the Sears Repair Dept. and I told them that I smell gas clearly and asked them to send someone to check. On Tuesday Morning of June 16th, the Sears Repair department came to my house at 8am, and the person verified with his device, that there is a gas leak from the flex; which is connected to my gas line. So, he told me to call the gas company, and sears installation. That same day, the gas company came to my home, and shut off my gas and said the gas leak is coming from the flex and where my gas line is connected. They informed me to call a plumber. I contacted sears, and they contacted kepco, and kepco said that they can come back and check on it. I asked them that if the person who will be coming is a plumber, and they said that he is not a plumber, he is just an installer. I let them know that the gas company and shut off the gas and they told me to contact a plumber. If the person I call is not a plumber then this will not be solving the problem. I called a plumber, and the plumber and the gas company verified that the gas leak is coming from where the gas line is connected; to the gas flex. They said that it is caused by the person who came and changed my stovetop and he did not install it correctly which is why all these problems occurred. Due to too much pressure, to installing the gas flex, to the gas line, the gas line could have been twisted and moved or cracked. As of Tuesday June 16th, the gas was shut off till that Friday June 19th, around 10pm. Friday night the gas company came back and turned on the gas. Till the Friday, I was unable to cook, and my family was unable to take a shower. Not only this, but also lots of stucco and dry wall damage in my house now, due to the fixing needed to be done by the plumber. Invoice of the plumber that I have, kepco asked me to fax it over to them for them to take a look at. I did fax the invoice from the plumber and the gas company to kepco; attention Ken. I later received a denial letter, and I contacted them too many times and got no response. I was also calling Sears everyday, and also getting no response. Sears Installation Department told me that they don’t know what to do, and it is best for me to contact corporation. I am asking you to investigate this matter, and I trusted Sears when I bought my stove. I trusted sears when I got my stovetop installed. I have paid $1200 to a plumber and I still have a cost to be able to repair the stucco and the dry wall and the paint. I did not know, in my honest opinion that the Sears installer is not a licensed plumber. This wasn’t a stove installation problem, this is an issue regarding un-proper installation of gas flex to the gas line. Only a licensed plumber should be able to complete this job, not just an installer. If Sears wanted to do things right the first time, they would have from the start send a licensed plumber to complete the work. I am asking you to deeply investigate this matter to get this resolved. Ken is not professional, and this company is not professional. At some point they hung up on me when I was trying to be in contact. They also told me that they are just too busy to talk to me and will get back in contact with me, but they never did. They also never got back in contact with sears; in phone and in email. This is embarrassing. I am asking you to do something about it. Providing excellent customer service should be your top priority, and getting back to me as soon as possible should be done. I received horrible customer service through Kenmore, and now Sears. As a valued customer that I am, for many purchases and business that I have with sears, I feel like that both Sears and Kepco have not treated me as a valued customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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