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Sears Complaint: The Saga Of A Refrigerator That Caused $30,000 In Damages ( "Gas-lighting" is a term which was coined in psychological and social work in direct reference to being blindsided and conditioned to have a person believe something is true when it is not.

Interestingly, consumers of Sears are being "gas-lighted", and have been for quite some time. Since we all completely understand the problems and issues with Sears, one very interesting fact is that Sears literally pays the BBB to maintain an A- rating consistently with their entity. (Please refer to the article from, from author George Gombossy on February 18, 2012: Therefore, any and all interaction with the BBB, in my subjective opinion, it does little to nothing to hold Sears accountable, but is willing to accept monetary compensation from Sears, in full knowledge and disclosure that these very same problems continue and have for well over five years. Mr.

Gombossy provides that information here: "Accredited businesses get lighter treatment by the BBB since that is how they (the BBB) get their income. Despite the fact that Sears customers sent 17,690 complaints to the BBB in the last three years, (2012), Sears has an A- rating. There is no breakdown on how many complaints Sears had actually satisfied, only that those cases were closed, including Horenstein’s. (Sears' rating with the BBB since then has maintained its A- rating, regardless, to date): "Sears public relations personnel declined to respond to my requests for a comment, but Sears DID respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint".

(Monetary compensation from Sears to the BBB does the talking, apparently). After some additional research, I have found that seeking assistance from the Better Business Bureau concerning Sears is non-conclusive and with no effort. However, given the effort, time and investment that you have made thus far, again in my subjective opinion, contact every media outlet (TV, Newspaper, Radio) to drive your point home. Politely request assistance from them to obtain the proper recourse, through their attentions to get your issue resolved.

Many newspapers have an email address to contact reporters to address the situation, and they may have other suggestions, apart from the ones presently in place to conduct an investigation. I sincerely hope that this can obtain a proper legal direction to assist each and every one of you.

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First, thank you for taking the time and effort to read the following information, that I sincerely trust and expect that the details below may assist each person who needs immediate resolution and the obligation by Sears to perform proper professional conduct.

Please also note that this opinion is subjective. I offer the following based upon my own personal experiences with Sears, and that I completely and totally understand and relate to each and every issue posted here at Pissed Consumer. In kind, I too am communicating that understanding, angst and sheer disregard for the lack of attention, lack of accountability and the flippant disregard that Sears still chooses to enact and engage fully in business practices which Sears and its reps has full and complete knowledge of.

After seeing the repetition of issues and problems that so very many of us are currently engaged in, and the subsequent actions that each of us have employed legally, ethically and persistently, it may be that we all need to step up our game and reach beyond the expectation and subsequent behavioral effaces which have become traditional and contusive. What I mean by this statement is that within the conditions present and controlled variables that Sears and its representatives know and perceive as the truth, that the only recourse and potentially embarrassment and exposure continually upon Sears itself. That is apparent and reflected well within each posting printed herein at Pissed Consumer. Therefore, one avenue (which has proven well in performance and in attentive conduct) is to have media sources take the situation up on our behalves.

The following website, has a complaint form, which they express and encourage that very same attention in the media realm to actually do something about our issues, problems and consistency that is deplorable and reprehensible for us and for themselves. In doing so, this is the sheer demonstration of exposure that we all need at this point and time.


Here is the header from the complaint form listed on their website: Consumer Complaint Form (also available en Espanol):

"Send your consumer questions and complaints to our referral and advice hotline. To give you the best possible assistance, we need your full name, city and state of residence, and daytime phone number. (See our privacy policy.)"

"If your complaint is of major consumer importance, we like to have the option of referring your name to the media (TV, radio, magazine and newspaper reporters). If you object to being contacted by the media, let us know and we will honor your request. (See our privacy policy below.)"

"This form has been updated: Dec. 5, 2017."

Embarrassment is one of the sincerest forms of flattery and is extremely viable. It may be the only avenue to finally obtain the proper, legal and direct consequence to the audacity and heinous conduct of a company whose values and commitment to its customers and vendors once were the industry regulatory standard within the CODE OF CONDUCT for all business and legal practices.

Thank you, ever so much in investing your time in a subjective opinion that I sincerely hope will benefit each of you honorably, courageously and satisfactorily.

J.J. Freeman

(Et Tu Brutae)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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