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On December 21, 2011 I went to the Sears store # 2389 to speak to the store manager, John Watson, in regards to an overcharge on a purchase. John was GREAT, took care of my issue without a long explanation.

Then came the problem! I was still in the store (half an hour later) looking at treadmills when John was leaving the store. He made a comment about still being there and I replied yes, I was looking at treadmills. He smiled and promptly sent a stocker over to me.

She asked if she could assist me and I replied I needed information in regards to the treadmill I was standing in front. She informed me that she would get a "salesperson". A moment alter an elderly lady from the cash wrap came over, I asked her what the differences were between the C900 and C900 pro Nautilus treadmills were, pointing at the C900 across the isle. She told me that that one, the C900 was "Sole" brand.

I explained to her that it was Nautilus and she began to argue with me. At that point, I asked her if she was "salesman" and she replied no. I told to her to "forget it, I would research it myself." At which point she left, with me trailing her back towards her cash wrap. She stopped by a woman, I am presuming was a supervisor and told her to "not wait on the guy in the black jacket, he was an ***." Is shock I went up to the supervisor and told her "I was the *** and I would leave now without my $1000.00 purchase." I ordered the treadmill today from Nautilus!!!

I could not believe the customer service from this woman and Sears used to be the standard that customer service was strived to be; not any more.

Good bye Sears!! I will not be back.

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Sears does not carry Nautilus fitness equipment. Both the C900 and C900 Pro are Nordictrack models, so I would be interested in knowing how you ordered one from Nautilus. That being said, the person who helped you (or failed to do so actually) was rude and I am certain that the store manager who was so helpful in the beginning would want to know about it.


That's the way Sears has gone..Low pay for employees who are not Professional. I retired from Sears in 1999 because they(Sears) quit caring about emloyees and customers. I gave them 28 yrs of service and I do Not shop there..The almighty dollar is what's important now !!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #395948

Lampert,this is the kind of *** that happens at your Sears/Kmart stores across the country, get rid of the morons that work for you and get the stores back to the class it once was.TAKE THE TRASH OUT.iF YOU NEED HELP CALL BACK OF SOME OF THE RETIRED ASSOCIATES WHO PRIDED THEMSELFS ON GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.WE WOULD BE GLADE TO HELP.

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