San Bruno, California
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Went to Tanforan store about a week about 15 minutes after they opened. I found something I wanted to purchase after 10 minutes of browsing and couldn't one person or cashier that could ring up my purchase.

After going to the appliances dept. (told me they couldn't ring clothing purchases there), I finally going downstairs to the LandsEnd dept. I was finally able to make my purchase. More than 15 minutes after I had found the item I wanted purchase! The store only had two other customers in it that I saw!

Advice: make sure your registers are open and staffed at all times. You probably are losing lots of customers who don't want to search for a cashier to ring them up!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cashier.

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To: Couldn't find an person too ring me up. I am aware of this feeling.

While i was going into one of the locations. I was walking too where some of things i needed for the bathrooms. I was walking too the register. I asked an employees where the things were at.

The employee showed me where i am able too find them. When i was checking out, this employee Mary, always put pressure onto the customers and employees too buy things that they don't want or don't need, while being mean and nasty about it. I am understanding that this is their job and their career too do so. I asked for the manager too the store.

Mary asked, "Why do you need too see the manager?" While being mean and nasty. The manager was walking up and down the isles. I walked too the manager. I am like, "Hi I am an customer at this location.

Are you well aware of one of your employees puts pressure onto your customers and employees too buy things. The manager Mike said, "That's not my problem. That's corporate office's problem. Tell them and leave me alone.

I've got bigger and better things too do than too deal with customers complaints." I am like, "Okay. Well let's see if you still have your job by treating your customers like this." Funny thing, Mike and Mary both now want too be nice.

So now they want too be nice after being mean. I don't think so.